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Go Big Or Go Home: 3 Earring Trends For This Season

Go Big Or Go Home: 3 Earring Trends For This Season

More than decorative accessories, the right earring elevates an outfit and flatters the face. From hoops to chandelier and mismatched pearl earrings, it seems like things are about to get busy in the jewellery department.

Decorative Hoops

1. Crystal-Embellished Feather Earrings (S$985) by Chloé

While the hoop earring has been lingering around the fashion runways for a while now, this season’s hoops were elevated with contrasting materials, textures, colours and attachments. Here, multi-coloured beads, crystal diamantes and feathers set on a gold-toned hoop earring (approximately S$985 for a pair) by Chloé.

2. Macrame Hoop Earrings (S$503) by Loewe

These black leather hoop earring with contrast white stitching (approximately S$503 for a pair) by Loewe will be a flattering statement piece for those with sharp and angular face shapes and jawlines.

3. Multi-Charm Single Earring (S$256) by Acne Studios

However, for those looking to slim the face, a single hoop earring with long, dangling charms (approximately S$256 for a single earring) by Acne Studios will lengthen the face and extend the neckline.

4. Linked Hoop & Pendant Earrings (S$616) by Balenciaga

A pared-back pair of silver-toned, black marbled and gold-toned hoops (approximately S$616 for a pair) by Balenciaga.

5. Nail Hoop Earrings (S$771) by Loewe

The sinuous lines on Loewe’s gold-toned brass Nail Hoop earrings (approximately S$771 for a pair) slims and lengthens the face and neckline.

Big Blings

1. Crystal Drop Earrings (S$1,460) by Gucci

While the diamante earring has been around the fashion runways for a few seasons now, it is now making a comeback with decadent iterations. Here, a pair of chandelier crystal earrings (approximately S$1,460 for a pair) for the bold and independent woman who wants to leave a mark.

2. Crystal Hoop Earrings (S$582) by Oscar de la Renta

When it comes to formal occasions such as events, dinners, and galas, a sparkly yet graceful pair of earrings, like these open-hoop crystal earrings (approximately S$582 for a pair) by Oscar de la Renta, brings the heaviest of gowns and fabrics to life.

3. Crystal Embellished Earrings (S$742) by Isabel Marant

An easy and universally-flattering option for most face types will be this pair of cuff-like chandelier earrings (approximately S$742 for a pair) by Isabel Marant.

4. Smoking Love Heart Crystal-Embellished Earrings (S$949) by Saint Laurent

For the feminine and sweet one, a pair of crystal-embellished heart hoop earrings (approximately S$949 for a pair) by Saint Laurent will do the trick.

5. Crystal-Tassel Star Clip-On Earrings (S$524) by Miu Miu

A pair of star earrings with crystal tassels (approximately S$524 for a pair) by Miu Miu for a girl’s night out. What’s more, it’s a clip-on pair so you’ll never have to fumble with your earrings at 3 AM again.

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Mismatched Pearls

1.Shell, Pearl, & Crystal Single Earring (S$1,115) by Alexander McQueen

Another strong trend of this season is the asymmetrical pearl earring — paired with gold and seashells. Here, a single dangling earring of shell, pearls, and crystals (approximately S$1,115 for a single earring) by Alexander McQueen.

2. Mismatched Sculptural Baroque-Pearl Earrings (S$614) by Roksanda

When it comes to these oblong pearls, asymmetry is key. They either come in single or mismatched earrings — like these simple, geometric mismatched earrings with ruffled gold panels and an oblong pearl (approximately S$614) by Roksanda.

3. Darcey Asymmetrical Pearl Pendant Earrings (S$519) by Chloé

Chloé’s iteration of the asymmetrical pearl earring trend (approximately S$519 for a pair) is a light option for everyday wear.

4. Mismatched Freshwater Pearl & Shell Drop Earrings (S$276) by Timeless Pearly

Here, the French jewellery brand, Timeless Pearly’s mismatched freshwater pearl and natural seashell earrings (approximately S$276 for a pair).

5. Alix Pearl-Embellished Single Hoop Earring (S$242) by Acne Studios

Finally, an irregular-shaped pearl suspended by a sculptural gold structure (approximately S$242 for a single earring) from Acne Studios.



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