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A Twitter Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game Gives You the Chance to Be Beyoncé’s Assistant for the Day

A Twitter Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game Gives You the Chance to Be Beyoncé’s Assistant for the Day


Over the weekend, Twitter users were offered up a once in a life time opportunity to become Beyoncé’s assistant, thanks to a now-viral thread created by Twitter user Green Chyna. The “choose your own adventure” spin gives users a taste of what it would be like working as Beyoncé’s assistant for the day…and as it turns out, most of us would be fired within the first hour. 

Green Chyna started with a simple question: ” What are you getting her for breakfast? Yogurt, granola and strawberries or a 5 star breakfast.” If you’re a true Beyoncé fan, this selection shouldn’t seem that hard (spoiler alert: stick to the healthiest option), but it only gets more difficult from there.

The goal of the story is to get Beyoncé ready for an event in a timely manner and each option you select either brings the singer closer to being on-time or makes her late, which ultimately gets you fired. There are two options under each question that either lead you to your next challenge…or the end of your road as her assistant. Example: Beyonce says FaceTime my daughter: Is she referring to Blue Ivy or Rumi? Should she take a shower after swimming or just dry off? You think you know the answer, and then, BOOM, you’re fired. Even after getting fired three times, I still went back to redeem myself. 

Chrissy Teigen even failed to make it to the end.

The addictive game continues to take players through simple and difficult questions, featuring references only BeyHive members would know, culminating in a cliffhanger. The Beyonce Assistant thread is similar to Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch interactive special released earlier this year, in which viewers get to control the character’s destiny by choosing different outcomes. 

Read some of the funniest reactions to players getting fired as Beyonce’s assistant:

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