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Photo Diary: Mae Tan Photographs Friends And Fam At Prada’s Thunder Pop-Up

Photo Diary: Mae Tan Photographs Friends And Fam At Prada’s Thunder Pop-Up

When Prada, the arbiter of cool and go-to brand of fashion’s most respected designers invites you to its pop-up, you turn up. But if you’re Mae Tan, you don’t just rock up in the season’s best Prada ‘fit for some champers and shopping—you co-host its opening night together with the brand, invite a dozen of your coolest buds to hang out (in soon-to-be-iconic Prada prints), and get trigger happy with a Polaroid camera.

Giving ELLE Singapore exclusive dibs on her snaps from that Prada night, see the shindig through Mae’s lenses, below.

“It’s always a great time when you have good company. Friends are what make social events less awkward, and more inviting! Here’s my photo diary of Prada’s Thunder pop-up. Enjoy! X” — Mae

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“Iman Fandi—forever eye candy.”
“My bro, Yung Raja. It’s always good to have great minds around!’
“Our fave street style princess, Calista.”
“Dawn is killing it, and always serving iconic. She’s on point from her hair to her heels, as usual!”
“Oh hey, Chris, Charles, Russ and Brian. It’s always fun when our skater friends crash the party.”
“Fun times with Stephany and Sabrina!”
“Our own superstar, Tabitha Nauser.”
“When Mr Has is not on decks, he is trying on the very sick Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneaker.”
“Another cool fella—our dearest Ryan with the good looks.”
“It’s always good to see Javier and Debbie, who are amongst the coolest parents in Singapore.”
“We’re always tearing mannequins down and trying stuff on when Mean’s around!”
“Our very own super model Fiona Fussi graced us!”
“I told Allen (right), the event photographer, that I’m stealing his job! Haha!”
“One of my coolest friends on the block, Gabriel Desouza—bassist of local band Caracal, tattoo artist, and Mr. Good Looking.”
“It wouldn’t be a party without rapper Fariz Jabba.”
“Having a looker and badass like Noelle around never hurts.”
“Great to see fresh designers here—explore, and new inspirations await! @shop.theflipside.”
“Hey Youths in Balaclava, is it really a party until you have a can of Anchor Strong beer in hand?”
“Mandatory group shot. Peace out! X”

The Prada Thunder pop-up is located at Paragon’s Atrium. Till 7 July.



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