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Lady Gaga Is Being Praised For Showing ‘Real’ Skin And Make-Up In Her Beauty Campaign

Lady Gaga Is Being Praised For Showing ‘Real’ Skin And Make-Up In Her Beauty Campaign

When Lady Gaga trademarked Haus Beauty in February 2018, we were beyond excited to see what she would bring to the world of make-up, perfume and skincare.

Now the first images from Haus Laboratories have been released and not only do we get a sneak peek at her make-up line, but we also get to see Gaga looking pretty much Photoshop free.

Four images have been teased so far, two showing Lady G with her iconic platinum blonde hair and dramatic make-up. But it’s not her elaborate eyeliner that’s got people talking.

Instagram account Trendmood1 shared the campaign imagery and commenters could not get enough of her unedited looks…

‘I love how her promo photos aren’t over edited! You can totally see her natural facial features and her skin’s real texture!’

‘She sells cosmetics, not Photoshop. Iconic.’

‘I love how natural her skin is and how they haven’t over edited it.’

‘I’m actually surprised how non-Photoshopped these photos look. It’s amazing. You’ve got every Instagrammer and beauty brand making plastic dolls and then Gaga comes along with great makeup looks and appearing pretty realistic.’

‘Love that her skin looks like actual skin!! Not super smoothed out in Photoshop.’

‘I see people commenting to fire her makeup artist… Um, this is what most makeup looks like before Facetune and Photoshop! I really appreciate the raw look to this campaign!’

‘Love how they show what real makeup application looks like and not beautified on Photoshop.’

Back in August 2018 Urban Decay was praised for showing real skin texture on their Instagram and it seems Gaga is not only leading by example, but also using minimal retouching on her models as well. Just another reason to love her.

With foundations, eyeliners, highlighters and bronzers on the way, we’ll be clearing space in our make-up bags for Haus Laboratories immediately.

This article first appeared on ELLE.



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