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Rihanna Just Dictated What Colour Lipstick You Should Wear According To Your Star Sign

Rihanna Just Dictated What Colour Lipstick You Should Wear According To Your Star Sign

Whether it’s Mercury in retrograde messing with our mood, basing our Tinder activity on whether our future SO is zodiac compatible, or obsessively reading our daily/monthly/yearly (delete as appropriate ) horoscope, it’s safe to say that our reliance on star signs is pretty committed.

So when queen of creating a #mood and make-up mogul, Rihanna, took to Fenty Beauty to dictate the exact shade of lipstick we should wear depending on our star sign, it’s safe to say we lost it. Like, a lot.

Forever our make-up mission, finding the colour of lipstick that perfectly suits, not only your skin tone, but your complex personality traits as well, is something we’ve been working on for years.

Does a blue-toned red express how loyal I am to my friends and complement my fair skin?

Will a moody purple lipstick pop against my olive skin and say ‘I’m committed to saving S$300 a month so I can buy that Dior canvas bag’?

These are the questions.

Thankfully RiRi has done the hard work for us and revealed the ideal shade of Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle lipstick for every fabulous star sign out there.

For the ‘Loyal Cancer Who Has Hella Moods’, the entrepreneur prescribes a sophisticated oxblood shade called ‘PMS‘, whilst the ‘Creative Pisces That Can Be Sweet As Candy Or Lethal Like Venom’ was allocated a bold bubblegum pink colour.

Suitably, Aquarius was given the sea blue ‘Clapback‘ shade, Leo – a fiery burnt orange called ‘Saw-C‘, and Scorpio the ‘Violet Fury‘ lipstick in a statement purple colour.

Scroll through to find your own personal lipstick that matches your unique star sign and serve up some zodiac realness.

This article first appeared on ELLE UK.



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