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August Tarot Reading (2019)

August Tarot Reading (2019)

The age-old practice of tarot card reading seems to be making a comeback. For the uninitiated, tarot reading is no witchcraft and it has never been about the revealing of predestined fates or outcomes. Instead, tarot reading is about seeking clarity and making confident decisions amidst difficult conundrums.

Before you scroll on to read what the cards have in store for you, pick one out of the four cards below that calls out to you.

From left to right: Ace of Swords, Knights of Wands, King of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles. Quartz clusters courtesy of ILLA NOCTE.

Card One: Ace of Sword (Reverse)

General: Be wary of who you trust. A new opportunity beckons, and you need to think things through. Always be prepared.

Work: Well, you are likely to get yourself in some unnecessary politics at work. But with mindful deliberation, this can be avoided! Don’t make huge changes to your work environment.

Finances: Are you earning or saving as much as what you think? It’s time to call for a re-assessment of your financial portfolio.

Relationship: Minor miscommunications are likely to happen and how you resolve them will likely strengthen or break the bonds with your partner. Single people are likely to meet someone who possesses a mindset vastly different from yours.

Card Two: Knight of Wands (Reverse)

General: Patience is a virtue. A message is forthcoming, but there might be some delays along the way.

Work: There is a lack of focus in your work and this spells trouble. You may be unsure of what you want in your career and the tendency to job-hop seems like an appealing option.

Finances: Do not make impulsive, hot-headed judgements. Gambling and impulse-buying are things you should stop doing.

Love: Your partner may not be putting as much effort or enthusiasm in the relationship when compared to previous months. For singles, an individual with manipulative and volatile tendency may appear.

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Card Three: King of Pentacles (Reverse)

General: The personality you are trying to portray to the world is not made of your earthly possessions; it’s who you are inside that really matter. The card is also a reminder to not be a miser.

Work: You may perhaps encounter yourself having a dispute with a superior, who is likely to be more controlling this month. Focus your attention on people who are supportive and who are likely to help you through thick and thin. These are the ones who make career life less miserable. Also, be expected to work on weekends.

Finances: Money flow isn’t in your favour unfortunately. Perhaps this is due to a lack of financial planning or failed business venture. Consult a financial advisor and do not splurge.

Love: Someone might be giving a hard time to your partner. Pay attention to his/her mood and provide security and comfort. If you are single, you might meet someone who earns way higher or lower than your. Don’t be surprised and take things slow.

Card Four: 9 of Pentacles (Reverse)

General: Work-life balanced requires constant discipline and this card advises you to maintain the constant grind in your life.

Work: Keep your mentors or superiors in the loop with what you are doing at work. They want to know what progresses you have made and what your mental well-being is like. Be consistent and rest up whenever appropriate! For job-seekers, be methodical with your search and express some gratitude along the way.

Finances: Do not fall for the simple “Get Rich” schemes. The grass is not often greener on the other side. Also, be wary of scammers while making digital purchases.

Love: Be proactive. Ask for dates. Magic will not appear if you don’t work for it. Don’t get caught up with the portrayal of romance in dramas and movies!



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