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History Meets Modernity in LOEWE’s FW19 Womenswear Collection

History Meets Modernity in LOEWE’s FW19 Womenswear Collection

The Maison de l’UNESCO transformed into a runway as art and fashion collide in LOEWE’s Fall Winter 2019 fashion show. Earlier this year in March, a series of oval-shaped portraits adorned the white walls of the Paris UNESCO Headquarters. These portraits featured historic men and women such as Mary Queen of Scots and alluded to the inspiration behind the collection by the brand’s Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson.

Inspired by these 16th and 17th century portraits, the collection integrates femininity with masculinity, breaking the stereotypical representation of womanhood in a mix of borderline costume-like pieces made wearable with modern touches.

Colour Pop

Loewe’s quintessential neutral hues of black, navy, camel and ivory are carefully broken up by vivid pops of bright vermillion in the form of intricate detailing and accessories. Pigmented shades of cerulean and saffron serve as a warm welcomed deviation from the usual dark colour palette seen in fall/winter collections. 

Left: Double breasted coat black (S$5,100)

Modern History

Left: Cropped sweater pearls light beige (S$2,900) with Shorts grey (S$850).
Middle: Cape sleeve white shirt (S$950) with Cut out tank top navy blue (S$1,350) and Trousers grey (S$950).
Right: Lavaliere rib collar top white (S$1,900)

History meets modernity as perennial features are elevated with expert flourishes. Inspired by courtly grandeur, the collection features blouses with voluminous sleeves, poet shirts tucked into sweater vests, and cream roll-neck sweaters.

Right: Stripe oversize coat brown/black (S$3,990).

Assorted Fabrics

Left: Shearling trim coat camel/white (S$7,550).
Middle: Oversize jeans blue denim (S$1,150).
Right: Leather collar cuff ov coat beige (S$5,100).

The Spanish fashion house established its expertise in manipulating fabrics and materials in a myriad of boldly contrasting clothing pieces. An elegant pearl-encrusted sweater, a bold-collared checkerboard and a luxe leather dressing ending in a feathered border all created with precision and diligence.

Coats in jersey and shearling fabrics were handled expertly, focusing on the creation of graceful lines. The collection experimented with hard and soft lines to create looks outside of the stereotypical vision of womanhood, diverting from the long-standing idea of femininity.

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Left: Vneck sweater feather ribbons ecru (S$2,300).

Textural Motifs

Middle: Balloon sleeve lace dress white/black (S$6,200).

Look closely, or you may miss it. An echo of the lavish prints of the past, craftsmanship took center stage as Anderson worked with intricate materials such as jacquard and lace. Though difficult to work with, they meld together seamlessly in a celebration of texture and prints.

Left: Leather collar cuff ov coat black (S$3,990)

LOEWE’s FW19 Womenswear collection is available in stores now.