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This Jewellery Brand is Making Diamonds Affordable For Everyone

This Jewellery Brand is Making Diamonds Affordable For Everyone

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” Marilyn Monroe once crooned.

The allure of diamonds has always been far more superior than any other precious stone or crystal. Perhaps due to the way it shimmers multidimensionally under the light, or how it perfectly completes one’s look. But let’s be real here — how many times have you seen someone wear diamonds and thought to yourself, “I could never pull that off.”

If you’re like me, I’m sure you can relate with the intimidation that comes attached with wearing diamonds. They are seen as a luxury commodity, reserved solely for the upper middle to higher class folks. 

Enter Diamanti Per Tutti (DPT), a Belgian-based jewellery brand whose philosophy is to make diamonds accessible and wearable for every and any occasion. 

The Mystique Collection

Based in Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, DPT has the advantage of the city’s rich diamond heritage and some of the best cutters, setters and traders in the industry. Their name, ‘Diamanti Per Tutti’, literally translates to “diamonds for all”. How does the brand manage to appeal to the masses while protecting the prestige of this precious jewel?

Edward Verté, DPT’s CEO shares with ELLE Singapore about DPT’s inclusive vision and their uncommon collaborations (hint: a famous Belgian cartoon series).

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The Morning Glory Collection

What inspired DPT’s philosophy of making diamonds wearable for any day and occasion?

Diamonds add sparkle and a touch of luxury to everyday life. Why limit them only to special occasions and store them away in your jewellery box where no one can see them? We truly believe diamonds can be fun and fashionable too. That’s why we design minimalistic and timeless diamond jewellery for everyday wear that effortlessly matches one’s individual style. We want everyone to be able to shine from the inside out. 

How does DPT strike a balance between maintaining the allure of diamonds and reducing the intimidation to wear it?

Our design team is inspired by the luxuriousness and romance of the Italian and French lifestyle and the purity of Scandinavian design. We keep our designs clean and understated, yet distinctive, to match any outfit at any occasion.

The Attraction Collection
(From left to right): Allure Ring (S$312); Magnetism Necklace (S$240); Gravity Earrings (S$192)

What advice would you give to people who feel intimidated to wear diamonds in their day-to-day life?

Our diamond jewellery supports a soft and elegant look – never dominant or too much in-your-face. They actually enhance one’s natural beauty, making you feel confident, special and pretty. So, if you’re feeling hesitant, you couldn’t ask for a better friend.

DPT has had some very unique collaborations with Tomorrowland and The Smurfs. How do these collaborations come about?

In 2014, we were asked by the founders of Tomorrowland to design the first collection of Tomorrowland jewellery. This summer, we launched the 6th TomorrowlandxDiamanti Per Tutti collaboration. Tomorrowland is the world’s leading electronic dance festival, bringing together young music lovers from across the world to a small town south of Antwerp. The level of quality they bring to the table is absolutely exceptional. We are honoured to collaborate and be a part of this experience.

The Smurfs are a beloved comic series of small, blue creatures living in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest created by Belgian artist Peyo in 1958. The brand reached out to us to create a special collection for their 60 years anniversary and we simply could not resist the opportunity.

TML by Tomorrowland Collection
Featured: Wisdom Necklace (S$100); Icon Wisdom Bracelet (S$60); Wisdom Ring (S$60)

What’s the most interesting part about working on these collaborations?

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We see collaborations as an opportunity to create truly refreshing collections, a chance to get out of our comfort zone and surprise ourselves and our fans. Our guest designers are inspiring women and leading ladies in their field, so time after time, we are instantly charmed by their enthusiasm and fun spirit.

The Smurfs Collection
(From left to right): Pastel Smurf Necklace (S$75); Pastel Mushroom Choker (S$70); I Smurf You Bracelet (S$65)

What’s the difference between natural and man-made diamonds?

All our diamonds are 100% certified real and naturally created. Natural diamonds are created over a period of one to three billion years.

Why is it important to use natural, ethically sourced diamonds?

All our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free. We purchase from leading international diamond traders with offices in Antwerp, Dubai, Mumbai and Hong Kong. They certify us that all diamonds respect the United Nations Kimberley Process, meaning that they have not been used to finance conflicts. We care about the world and its people; without this guarantee we would not be sleeping like babies tonight.

DPT’s entry into Singapore

DPT’s Boutique at Raffles City

Diamanti Per Tutti currently has two boutiques in Singapore at Raffles City and Jewel Changi Airport. Fans of the brand may be in for a treat as they are in talks about potential local collaborations. 

“Now that our global footprint is expanding to leading cities across Asia, we are looking into surprising Asian profiles and hope to announce a new local collaboration soon,” Verté hints.

Visit Diamanti Per Tutti’s boutiques at Raffles City Shopping Centre, #01-43A and Jewel Changi Airport, #01-K200.



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