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September Tarot Reading (2019)

September Tarot Reading (2019)

Tarot Cards SEP 2019

This September, we celebrate the birthdays of some of our favourite Virgo (and some Libra) babies. They include actresses Zendaya and Gwyneth Paltrow, actor Will Smith, producer and musician Idris Elba, and not forgetting our Queen Bey, Beyoncé.

As usual, the new month brings in a new and exciting set of challenges, read on to find out what’s in store for you this month. All you need to do is to pick one card (out of the four) that calls out to you from the following image.

(From left to right: Page of Wands, Six of Swords, Five of Cups, Six of Cups)

Card One: Page of Wands

General: Your creative energy is at its peak. A new opportunity that commands your attention is imminent. Take a leap of faith and consider trying something new.

Work: If you are working on a project, you are likely to receive some positive news. An opportunity to explore new lands is also within sights as well. Just a word of caution, don’t be too hot-headed and always evaluate your options!

Finances: If you have yet to take on that new savings or investment plan your financial advisor has been telling you about, you might want to start reconsidering again. There is likely to be a slight upswing in your financial status, yet the card also advocates for mindful, meticulous planning. Think, “Where do I want to be financially 20 years from now? How can I achieve that goal?”

Relationships: If you are single, you are likely to receive messages and signs of confessions from a secret admirer. If you are attached or in a relationship, it’s a make or break time. If you are having miscommunication with your partner, you may find your interest waning. Regardless, always be charming, assertive, and playful.

Card Two: 6 of Swords

General: Take some time off to rest and reflect. Are you happy with the status quo? If not, it’s time to gather your thoughts and move on to bigger, better things.

Work: Things are finally calming down at your workplace and you are finally moving on to something more manageable. A much-needed break or hiatus is recommended here. An opportunity for you to work overseas or work elsewhere is also likely to pop-up here. But if such an opportunity is absent, perhaps consider embarking on an inner journey to find yourself.

Finances: This is a tricky one. The tide on your finances may be turning for better or for worse. If you find yourself getting more returns of investment, abstain from impulse buying; if you find yourself faring worse off, be thrifty. If anything, this reminds you cannot run away from and ignore your finance woes.

Relationships: If you are single, it’s time to break away from your routines and start exploring around. If you are attached, September may be a good month to travel to new destinations. If you have recently gotten out of a relationship, this card is indicating a period of slow recovery.  

Card Three: 5 of Cups (Reverse)

General: Learning to forgive and accept reality is part of the healing process. Do not let your past nightmares haunt you. You are ready to move on and you have all the help you need.

Work: You may be feeling pressure from work lately but remember, you are in control in some ways. Remain hopeful and seek help to guide you through this seemingly tough time.

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Financial: Congratulations! There are clear signs that you can recoup some losses from a bad business-related decision. Investments and savings are also showing some distinct signs that they are improving.

Relationships: You may have encountered your biggest dispute as of late, and it’s time to focus on recovery. Trust feelings and follow through. Leave, if you must.

Card Four: 6 of Cups (Reverse)

General: Stay away from the past, think about the future and live in the present.

Work: Stifling creativity may well be the main culprit for the lack of progression at work. Deadlines, projects and assignments are fast becoming messier and you are having some trouble sorting everything perfectly. If you were recently hired, your honeymoon period is over; it’s best to look at the situation objectively.

Financial: You are showing signs of being financial independent here. If you are thinking of making a huge market purchase, such as a house or a car, you should exercise caution and only purchase when you are comfortable, confident and capable of paying up your loans independently.

Relationships: You haven’t been enjoying your love life, have you? Do dates with your partner bore you lately? Or have you been avoiding your partner altogether? The card advocates for you to not sweep things under the rug and face the problem head-on. Remember, not all hope is lost. For those who are single, veer away from social dating applications and try mingling around at places with high traffic (Here’s an excuse to hit up your favourite bar). It’s also wise to find a wingman (or “wingwoman”).