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Watch British Rapper Lil’ Ol’ Granny’s New Video With Sloggi

Watch British Rapper Lil’ Ol’ Granny’s New Video With Sloggi

Colette Zacca has had a crazy past few weeks. From becoming a viral sensation at the Notting Hill Carnival in August due to her confident, flamboyant dance moves, she has now been recruited by German underwear brand, sloggi for their latest campaign. The video, released by sloggi on their Youtube channel, features internet’s favourite Dancing Granny under the moniker Lil’ Ol’ Granny (L.O.G.) performing her new track “Granny’s Got Pants” as a homage to ’90s smash hit “Baby Got Back”.

Donning sloggi’s ‘The ’79‘ maxi pants, she raps alongside dancers dressed in a similar ensemble in front of vintage cars, sitting in an ornate chair and even in the interior of a flying helicopter. The lyrics consist of hard-hitting cheeky references to bums and big pants, resulting in a video that is fun, energetic and celebrates “booties of all shapes, ages, races, ethnicities, and genders”.

This collab between sloggi and L.O.G. was birthed from a common principle that both parties share: how you feel is more important than how you are expected to look. That was clear back in 1979 when sloggi’s ‘Maxi’ cut pants first hit the shelves, and it’s just as vital for progressive women today, who wear so-called ‘Granny Pants’ with comfort and pride in who they are.

To celebrate 40 years of sloggi’s uncompromising approach to being at ease in one’s own skin, they’ve released a brand-new revamp of their bestselling Maxi cut, called The ‘79 in cotton that features LYCRA fibre for a pair of incredibly comfy pants. These contemporary granny pants have become an instant hit that blends the acclaimed comfort of our vintage maxi cut with a modern twist. With pants as comfortable as these, no wonder Granny’s got pants!

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But don’t take our word for it, watch it for yourself here:



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