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Chaumet’s Autrement Exhibit Explores the Versatility of Jewellery

Chaumet’s Autrement Exhibit Explores the Versatility of Jewellery

Fashion has no rules — so why should jewellery be any different?

Chaumet’s latest exhibition, Autrement, explores the art of appropriating jewels by wearing them in a completely different way from what they were intended for. On display at 165 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris from 1 October to 2 November, a series of photographs by Swedish photographer Julia Hetta combine fashion and fantasy with daringness and creativity. 

The 25 photographs depict various out-of-the-box ways in which jewellery can be worn. Think: a necklace worn as an intertwining headband, brooches reimagined as hairpins and a cocktail ring masquerading as a scarf ring. Freed from its primary function, it graces the body, clothes or hair, becoming a precious accessory of a new kind.

Each of the 25 photographs are framed by 15th to 19th century historical frames loaned by Maison Lebrun, throwing historical significance into the mix. Chaumet’s archival pieces are put on display using conceptual drawings and digitised photographs. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll be able to experience at the exhibit.

From Necklace to Hair Accessory

Photo: Chaumet

Chaumet’s well-loved Jeux de Liens sautoir necklace looks sophisticated when worn as is. But in this photograph, the long necklace has been intricately woven through braided hair — adding simple elegance and a touch of femininity to the up-do. 

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Study for a ruby and diamond bandeau tiara, Joseph Chaumet, 1900-1910. Graphite pencil, ink wash painting and gouache highlights on tinted paper. Paris, Chaumet collections. Photo: Chaumet

From Earrings and Brooch to Hair Clips

Photo: Chaumet

The L’Epi de Blé de Chaumet brooch and earrings find another purpose in this model’s tightly braided hair, serving as hair clips that glimmer and shine with every turn of the head. The diversity in the sizes add personality and regality to the ordinary french braid.

Design for a diamond brooch, Marcel Chaumet, circa 1930. Graphite pencil, ink wash painting
and gouache highlights on tracing paper. Paris, Chaumet collections.

From Cocktail Ring to Scarf Ring

Photo: Chaumet

The stunning L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet cocktail ring finds a new home on the model’s décolletage as it’s repurposed as a refined scarf ring, adding a hint of glitz and glamour to an otherwise plain outfit.

Reserve your visit to the Chaumet Autrement exhibit from 1 October to 2 November at 165 Boulevard Saint-Germain.