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Eating Green: The Allure behind German Vegan Burgers

Eating Green: The Allure behind German Vegan Burgers

I love burgers. I love the way they taste, how greasy they can be, and the kind of nostalgic childhood memories they can conjure up. They are one of life’s simplest pleasures, capable of feeding both the stomach and the soul, and are perfect for every occasion.

Each burger is vastly different from another. No one cheeseburger from restaurants or fast food outlets is the same. Although widely classified as ‘junk food’, not all burgers can be labelled unhealthy today. In the world of gastronomy, technological advancements and concerns over food sustainability have given rise to a demand for plant-based diet — which was almost unheard of in the past decade —and in the ecology of burgers, vegan iterations have become well-received too.

The Beherzter features the iconic vegan Moving Mountains patty.

To commemorate its third anniversary in Singapore, German burgergrill HANS IM GLÜCK has expanded its menu with 10 new burgers (of which two are made from plant-based ingredients) and now proffers the largest selection of vegetarian and vegan offerings.

HANS IM GLÜCK specialises in German burgers. The kinds that are inventive with buns that are customisable — choose from the classic sourdough, the nutty multigrain bun or naked with a bed of vegetable — and patties that have been hand-pressed. The kinds which are less greasy than their American counterparts and yet, still equally guilt-inducing. The kinds that are meant to be first dipped into home-made sauces and delicately savoured.

The must-try among the eclectic range of vegan burgers, the new Beherzter features the iconic Moving Mountains patty, which is made from raw plant meat containing mushroom, beetroot juice, onion, coconut oil and vitamin B12, crispy fried onions, the golden vegan cheese — the first of its kind in Singapore — and finished with a dollop of in-house BBQ sauce. With a texture similar to that of a beef patty, first-timers to the ever-succulent Moving Mountains patty are likely to be baffled.

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The Schafhirte burger features an olive patty (yes, you heard that right!) with chunks of salty feta cheese mixed in between.

The second plant-based offering from the new menu, also known as the Schafhirte, features a dense patty made of a sinful combination of feta cheese and olive. Topped with a drizzle of red pepper sauce and a few slices of raw onions, this vegetarian burger is mildly spicy, slightly stodgy and still easily ticks the boxes of nutrition.

“Our goal at HANS IM GLÜCK has always been to elevate the humble burger, and have something for everyone,” says Marco Basile, Regional General Manager (Asia Pacific) at HANS IM GLÜCK. “Because when we talk about burgers, there is so much more than just having a slice of cheddar cheese, patty, sauce and bacon.”