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November Tarot Reading (2019)

November Tarot Reading (2019)


We are officially less than 100 days to Christmas, and you bet we are excited. As we start to scramble around to scour gifts for the most wonderful time of the year or simply struggle to make last-minute holiday plans, November is bound to manifest a new set of challenges.

Read on to find out what’s in store for you this November. All you need to do is to pick one card (out of the four) that calls out to you from the following image.

From left to right: Page of Cups, The Lovers, Wheel of Fortune (reversed), Nine of Pentacles (reversed)

Card One: Page of Cups

General: This November, perhaps it is time to manifest your inner child. It’s okay to throw a tantrum and sometimes this can bring you places too.

Work: The holiday season is soon upon us and it is okay to take a break and let loose. If you have been feeling down and stressed, remember that you hold the key to breaking away from any situation. Let your emotions be heard, professionally. And be willing to spread your happiness, your co-workers and friends will thank you too!

Finances: This is a good opportunity to consult your investment friends or financial consultants. A good opportunity is likely to manifest itself, but you should still do your due diligence.

Relationship: Love knows no boundaries … and that includes age too. If you have been courted by a younger partner, be prepared for more romantic dates. And even if you haven’t, you might just be swept off your feet with someone who possess a childlike innocence. Be prepared for good news for romantic proposals and some might even pregnancy news!

Card Two: The Lovers

General: Nothing quite like meeting a kindred spirit and of course, laws of attraction. Relationship maintenance is likely to blossom. And for those who may possess polar characteristics, a possibility of establishing a relationship is likely too.

Work: Good communication is key to solving any tough problems at work. While you are likely to meet a mutually supportive business partner, you will still get into a situation that puts you toe to toe with your heart and your head. While disagreements are likely to happen, remember that we are all bound together in one way or another. Look over at your resources, have faith in the other party, and don’t burn bridges.

Finances: Have you been tending to your bills? If you have been ignoring them, it’s time to sit down, sip a cuppa, and take a look at them. If you have been advised to do something that doesn’t align with your ideals at present time, the card is reminder for you to have foresight. After all, you may well benefit from this advice (especially in making investment and savings) in the future.

Love: Easily the BEST card for a romantic relationship, The Lovers is indicative of reallocating your efforts and time to invest in your relationship to yield maximum returns. For those who are single, you are also likely to meet with someone who shares ideals similar to yours too. In fact, some might even reconnect with an old flame too. One important thing to note though, a relationship is akin to a transaction of sorts; there is giving and taking, and it is at its core, about growth. This November, there’s likely to be a lot of it!

Card Three: Destiny; Wheel of Fortune (Reverse)

General: There are challenging times ahead, and patience may well be what you need to bid through troubled waters all. While you are likely to feel powerless against the forthcoming changes, you are still in control!

Work: A period of uncertainty at your workplace may prompt you to question some of your career choices. Have there been some major movements lately? Did someone new herald in new yet unwelcomed effects? At times like these, you may want to leave, and you may feel every reason to do so. But while that may be the case, it’s wiser to take a temporary leave of absence and observe from afar. Change is coming, but this too shall pass.

Finances: For those who have been through an exceptionally rough patch, good news are coming. But while such changes are slow, it takes a lot of effort to remain disciplined. Don’t give in to your desire to gamble or invest or even spend without thinking about the future!

Love: Things are likely to slow down for lovers. But don’t take it as if the flames have been doused away or that the relationship has become stagnant. It’s the end of the year and everybody is struggling to get things settled in before the new year begins. This upheaval will pass, so don’t worry. For those who are single, it’s perhaps time to reflect on whether you have turned a blind eye to the opportunities that came. Setbacks and delays are part and parcel, but it is always helpful to invest in yourself and be the better you.

Card Four: 9 of Pentacles (Reverse)

General: The grass is not always greener on the other side. Don’t give in to temptations especially since you are already so close to yielding good results.

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Work: There is a need to remain even more disciplined in November. You should show (not tell) your superiors that you have been doing your due diligence and are yielding some form of results. If you think you have been consistently hardworking, you may have been missing out on some crucial events and things. Perhaps, it is time to take a short (and well-deserved) break. For job-seekers, you may not seem to be getting good responses (probably because companies are all easing into the festive mood), have faith and send reminders from time to time.  

Finances: Don’t be financially reckless and impulsive in making random investments or purchases. There are many things that could go wrong at the present moment, and it is wise to hold tight to your cash. After all, you have all you need.

Love: For singles ladies (and guys), the card is indicative that you desire a fruitful relationship but are simply not putting the efforts to do so. You are likely to be jealous of someone’s progress in their relationships and have simply forgotten that you have the resources to be good in your own shoes. Otherwise, be wary of those who are coming to you for a superficial relationship. For those who are in a relationship, you may be troubled with how the relationship is veering towards rough waters. Remember this instability and a dearth of instability can be resolved with communication and being open to the other party.   



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