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December Tarot Reading (2019)

December Tarot Reading (2019)

tarot dec 2019

At long last, December is finally upon us. The twelfth month of the calendar presents to us with plenty of opportunities to introspect, reminisce and reflect on all that have happened. 2019 has been a heck of a ride, and we, the team behind ELLE Singapore, have been immensely blessed, haven’t we?

After all, we have re-launched our print edition in September (featuring Joan Smalls, Soo Joo Park and Georgia May Jagger) and even hosted a little weekend pop-up in November! And with Christmas and New Year fast approaching, we have been really busy.

As we prepare to steep into a month of partying and festivities, challenges are bound to surface in myriad forms. Read on to find out what’s in store for you this month. All you need to do is to pick one card (out of the four) that calls out to you from the following image.

From left to right: The Sun, Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Wands, Nine of Pentacles

Card One: The Sun

General: A card of positive energy, The Sun is bridled with unlimited enthusiasm and is synonymous with the French phrase, ‘joie de vivre’! In other words, this card bears good tidings and is a good omen for the month to come.

Work: A huge load is taken off your chest and you are finally free to explore newer options! At work, you are beginning to see your creative inputs yield some results too. December is also a time of pleasant surprises for creatives, in particular. For jobseekers, the right job or role is round the alley and all you need to do is to grasp at the opportunity that comes.

Finance: It is likely to be a prosperous month for you in December. Business ventures and investments are likely to go well, while financial woes that you have overlooked (or have been previously unbeknownst to) are likely to surface. In doing so, offering new ways to be resolved.

Love: For lovers, this is going to be a passionate month of love, happiness and fun. In fact, things can go so well that you may be expecting something new, like a bling ring (or a little one?), along the way. For those who have been single, you are likely to be meet someone interesting and someone who is going to spice up your love life.

Card Two: Ace of Pentacles

General: The Ace of Pentacles is often a reminder of the need for you to remain grounded and be hardworking in order to yield rewards. Much like The Sun, it also portends good beginnings and prosperity.

Work: You may have received some promotions of sorts in December and with them, new financial prospects. That said, this is a card of new beginnings with much to accomplish. Nonetheless, maintaining a practical mentality as well as psychological preparedness are paramount to overcoming these obstacles. For job seekers, new ventures and opportunities are in the cards too.

Finance: An unexpected return of investment or cashflow (more year-end bonus, perhaps?) is likely to pop up and December is also a good time for proper investment. This, however, is not indicative that you should spend everything that you earn. Love: Your love life is likely to blossom, and your insecurities about love are showing signs of dissipating away. For those who are seeking new love partners, you may find them in the most unassuming of places — that is, at work or through work (fingers crossed).

Card Three: Ace of Wands

General: A surge of creative energy and enthusiasm has manifested within you in December. Take the opportunity and make full use of it to tackle new endeavours head-on! After all, action begets growth. Plus, it does not hurt to begin your 2020 resolution early, right?

Work: For job hunters, an unexpected turn of event may present new avenues for you to venture into. It is going to be challenging and yet equally refreshing. On the other hand, the Ace of Wands is also synonymous with promotion at work and a new creative challenge to overcome. One suggestion though, be willing to voice out and ask for what you deserve!

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Finance: If you have been facing some cashflow issues in the past months, you are likely to see the situation change for the better. At the same time, surprise presents or unexpected winnings are likely to manifest themselves too.  

Love: Things are going to go wild with your love life, and in a good way too. Essentially, you will find yourself with quipped with the perfect recipe for fun, romance and excitement. For those who have been single, December is also a good time for a change. The catch, though, is that you need to take the initiative to plan and ask your date out! (Remember, action begets growth!)

Card Four: Nine of Coins

General: A card of abundance and stability, the Nine of Coins is also synonymous with a swell of power to uplift and influence others within you.

Work: You are in a comfortable position at work, and this comfort is here to stay. You are also independent and self-sufficient. Interestingly, you may find yourself in a position to lend a helping to others. Make use of this chance to lend others your unique perspective on things.

Finance: You are at ease for you are able to foot the bill without much worry. New incentives may appear out of the blue as well. While you may find yourself somewhat pleased with your wealth, do not be complacent of other physical manifestations (health, social circle, etc.) in your life too. Perhaps, it is a good time to get a medical check-up too.  

Love: Be graceful, have restraints, and you are likely to find good news for those who are single in the realm of love. For those who are attached, the Nine of Coins could be a indicator to take things easy and not over-indulge.