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Watch This: Garmin’s Smartwatches Not Only Pay Your Bills But Track Your Lifestyle Changes Too

Watch This: Garmin’s Smartwatches Not Only Pay Your Bills But Track Your Lifestyle Changes Too

Do people still wear a wristwatch to tell time? Not really, it has become sort of an accessory, a barometer of your taste and interest. Instead, they turn to their smartphone to check the time — and more. And on their wrist, instead? A smart extension of their phone that’s almost “attached” to their body, which measures your body’s energy levels, track your menstrual cycle (so you know who to blame when your mood goes haywire) and even pays for your drink with a tap of the watch’s face. Yes, we’re talking about a smartwatch and the evolution of society’s need to not only measure time, but also engage with it. But even with the number of reputable connoisseurs of this phenomenon, one thing we found lacking are smart gadgets that actually look… well, nice… and match our wardrobe, from business casual to cocktail dress.

Let’s be honest, one of our pet peeves is ruining our perfect outfit with a chunky screen on the wrist (leave that to the smartphones!). Garmin’s Venu and Vivomove collections, however, are the perfect answer. Picture a classic, round dial, much like your analogue watch, but in this case, it’s actually a smartwatch tailored for every kind of woman – the businesswoman, the yoga guru, the athlete, the artist, the student, and the list goes on. With the help of Angelo Brisimitzakis, senior product manager of Garmin’s hybrid and smart wearables, we picked two smartwatches that would make our life a breeze.


Here’s one for the ladies who appreciate functionality first and foremost. The Venu not only gives off a cool vibe (it’s something we envision Kristen Stewart would wear), it’s also waterproof and has a five-day battery life, making it the perfect watch for the forgetful ones. Its impressive functions are by far the best part of the watch, with our favourites being the Body Battery energy monitor that estimates the body’s energy reserves and Garmin Pay for those of us who always leave our purses or cash behind.


If you’re looking for something a little more sleek, the Vivomove collection is one to consider. These smartwatches, consisting of three different versions – Vivomove 3/3s, Vivomove Style and Vivomove Luxe, look like anologue timepieces and function just like them as well. If you’re one who appreciates the simplicity of a traditional watch, Vivomove only enhances the experience of a quintessential modern woman’s lifestyle. With specs that only slightly differ from each other, Vivomove’s watches function just like the Venu, only with a simpler interface and a classier appearance. Did we mention that it comes with a period tracker? Yeah, you heard us.

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“Body battery,” exclaims an enthusiastic Brisimitzakis. “It tells you when you’re stressed or when you should take a break.” He also shared with us a cheeky anecdote about how he uses the feature to measure his stress levels whilst visiting his mother-in-law.

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“My favourite colour is blue so I changed the strap to a blue one to match my blue watch face,” says Brisimitzakis on how a change of colour can transform the whole aesthetic of the watch. “You should get the Vivomove Luxe,” Brisimitzakis recommends to the ELLE woman. “It doesn’t look like a typical smartwatch and it’s very pretty.”

This article first appeared in ELLE Singapore’s December issue. Words by Melissa Mae. The Venu, Vívomove series and Vívoactive 4 are available at all authorised Garmin retailers.