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What To Bring To A Christmas Potluck Due In 72 Hours?

What To Bring To A Christmas Potluck Due In 72 Hours?

We have been there! An invitation to a last-minute potluck from a friend or distant relative. It’s a gathering not to be missed, and you still come up short on what exactly to bring. Sure, booze is great and pizzas are clichés, but do they really stand-out?

Organising a potluck is a straightforward affair. The host gets guests to suggest the food they want on the table, assigns someone to do it, and ticks whichever off a list from a scrollable screen. Some may prefer cooking while others may prefer succumbing to the magic of store-bought additions. But, it’s Christmas and you cannot really buy anything you want from anywhere easily, right?

From meats to sweets, here are nine suggestions on what you can bring to the table to impress on a 72-hour or lesser notice!

1. Honey-glazed Gammon Ham

Photo: Tung Pham

The classic, salty haunch is a well-loved, well-deserved staple on the dinner table. At St Regis Singapore, the Honey-glazed Gammon Ham will arrive in all of its shiny glory — that is lacquered with glaze with some corners that are mildly burnt (and hence crispy). Once bitten, the meat presents itself in a gorgeous shade of blush pink, arrives moist with fats, and it is both equally savoury and sweet. It comes with a bunch of other offerings too: including the buttered vegetables, truffle mashed potatoes, and wild mushroom sauce.

2. Honey-mustard Glazed Ham “Boneless” with Pineapple Raisin Sauce and Dijon Mustard

Photo: Tung Pham

Festive takeaways at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore are always special in their own way. Take for instance the Honey-mustard Glazed Ham. A few slices of the savoury ham is a good addition to a bowl of greens (we recommend placing some with the hotel’s buttered brussel sprouts), or if you decide to eat it on its own, a slight dip into the hearty sweet pineapple raisin sauce can be a good respite from other heavy-hitting elements on the palate.

3. Whole Smoked Turkey

Photo: Tung Pham

Decker Barbecue has always been known for its tantalising, juicy, well-rubbed smoked meats. This Christmas, they bring a Whole Smoked Turkey to the table, and lo and behold this is one well-pampered bird. Tender and juicy all around, the chick tastes best with a nice thick schmear of cranberry sauce. Since you are in the area, you might as well check out their brisket (always get the burnt ends!) or Dinosaur Beef Ribs!

4. Ondeh Ondeh Lamington Yule Log

Photo: Tung Pham

The Fullerton Hotel’s Ondeh Ondeh Lamington Yule Log is imbued with many of our favourite flavours. Comprising Gula Melaka, panda and coconut, this delightful and uniquely local offering should make for a decadent surprise on the dinner table. If you are looking for more dishes with local flavours, The Fullerton Hotel’s Turkey Penyet holds much promises too. After all, the Turkey Penyet (not shown above) is available boneless and served with turmeric rice, cucumber, tahu, tempeh with sambal terasi, and more.

5. Passionfruit Meringue Log Cake

Photo: Tung Pham

For artisan café and vintage shop Carpenter and Cook, its Passionfruit Meringue Log Cake ticks all the boxes for being a dessert that’s an all-rounder. It is impressive, familiar, and appeals to both the eyes and the palate. Tangy and surprisingly light, one slice is refreshing following a heavy meal.

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6. Sugee and Gula Melaka Cookies

Photo: Tung Pham

We don’t need a reason to eat cookies. But Violet Oon Singapore’s Sugee cookies and Gula Melaka Coconut Crunch deserve every bit of shout-out! The former is a well-loved, decadent Indian snack that has been made with melted butter and ground almond, while the latter possesses flavours from the Peranakan kitchen. These cookies are familiar yet new, and are also perhaps good reminders to try something new before the year ends!

7. Artisanal Bonbons

Photo: Tung Pham

A box of Dark Gallery’s Artisanal Bonbons opens like a treasure chest, filled with adorable gems that are usually too pretty to eat. But when someone eventually does, one is enough to make them go curtains for the whole candy box. A variety of flavours — toasted almonds, white chocolate rose tea, toffee sea salt, and nut praline to list a few — lies hidden in a layer of dark chocolate, and this makes for a great pre or post-potluck guessing game.

8. Magic Christmas Tea

Photo: Tung Pham

It does not snow in Singapore, but the temperature still seems to drop. And whenever it does during the festive season, we tend to seek something to warm the bones. This is where the “magic” in TWG’s Magic Christmas Tea comes in (especially before the potluck begins). Encased in a molten-black, hand-blown glass vase, and packaged in a gorgeous, sea-green, gold-embossed gift box, the much-anticipated theine-free festive tea boasts hints of raw and dark chocolate along with citrusy notes and mild spices.  

9. Magic Christmas Tea Macarons

Photo: Tung Pham

The dainty Parisian sandwich cookie meets TWG’s finest selection to create the festive macaron of the year. Available in the eye-catching shades of reds and whites, Magic Christmas Tea Macarons feature a velvety smooth, festive tea-infused, white chocolate ganache in between two crisp almond shells. Perfect to bring around for a good conversation starter at a party, right?



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