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Travel In Technicolour With Rimowa’s Holiday Collection

Travel In Technicolour With Rimowa’s Holiday Collection

The holiday season is in full swing and all this talk about travelling is giving us serious fernweh. That’s German for a sense of longing for a place you haven’t yet been to. Whether you’re planning a long-awaited trip home to visit your folks after spending a year away overseas or preparing for your upcoming travel adventure because reasons, Rimowa wants to commemorate those milestones with you. Even if, like Kylie Jenner, those reasons happen to include that this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff. And there’s no time like the present, so let’s get started, shall we?

Throwing Original Shade

For the well-seasoned traveller, a suitcase does more than act as a trunk to keep your things in: it’s a treasure chest of memories made on your travels. The newest members of Rimowa’s Original luggage series salute those memories with aplomb. Originally available in titanium, black and silver, the Rimowa Original now additionally offers the brand’s iconic design in two colours inspired by nature: scarlet red, aptly named after the rich plumage of the Scarlet Ibis native to South America, and marine blue, inspired by the legendary waves of the Mediterranean sea.

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Hold Your Handles, Here Comes A Twist

If a fun pop of colour is what you’re after rather than a monochromatic look, then look to Rimowa’s Original Twist collection for a lively blend of fun and sophistication. Available in hardwearing anodised aluminium accented with one of three eye-catching coloured leather trims in red, cognac and blue, the refined leather handle adds luxurious comfort to those long romantic strolls to the next airport gate.

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What A Lightweight, Honestly

We finally discover what a whiter shade of pale is with Rimowa’s new Hybrid collection which comes in two versions: the all-black or white. Conceived from a thoughtful combination of Rimowa’s unique aluminium magnesium alloy and polycarbonate, the Hybrid series is not only a lightweight in the best ways, but also offers resistance against the inevitable: a few light slams every now and again on your travels.

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More Than Just The Bare Necessities

Say goodbye to that awkward fumble between your laptop case whilst scrambling for your suitcase with the Essential Sleeve Blue. Crafted in ultra-durable lightweight polycarbonate and featuring a laptop front pocket designed to provide easy access, the Essential Sleeve is a must-have for the travelling workaholic and perfect for those facing a long wait between transit flights.

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When Faux Pas Becomes Faux Past

Ever experienced the hot shame of mistaking someone else’s suitcase for yours and pulling it off the luggage belt by accident or witnessed (albeit smugly) someone else do the same? Enter Rimowa Unique, the brand’s first customisation service that allows you to add your personal touch to a Rimowa Classic Cabin suitcase by simply choosing from three accessory offerings: a full-grain leather handle set with two handles, luggage tag and wheels set. With a new palette of seven shades, you’ll have the option of selecting a new monochromatic accent or the choice to mix things up deliberately this time and customise it according to your personality. Oh, and by the by, Rimowa’s complimentary luggage tag embossing service offers more than stamping your initials on the leather luggage tag. The added bonus? The certainty of knowing faux sure that you’ll never pick up the wrong bag again.

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All Rimowa products are currently available at the Rimowa Marina Bay Sands and Mandarin Gallery boutiques.



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