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January Tarot Reading (2020)

January Tarot Reading (2020)

January is an exciting month. For some, it is a period dedicated to deep introspection and serious goal setting. For others, it heralds in new beginnings and adventures to undertake for the coming year. Nonetheless, 2019 has been memorable in many ways and hopefully, it has also taught us a thing or two about ourselves too.

As usual, the new month brings in a new and exciting set of challenges, read on to find out what’s in store for you this month. All you need to do is to pick one card (out of the four) that calls out to you from the following image. And here’s to a wonderful new year!

From left to right: The Tower in reverse, Ten of Swords in reverse, Six of Coins in reverse, Queen of Wands in reverse

Card One: The Tower (Reverse)

General: Only in the darkest night can the stars shine. Pay heed to your past experiences and use them as a catalyst to tide through new challenges. People may leave at such a tough period too, but it may be for the better.

Work: Your colleagues may be unusually stressed at work, and you should tread carefully. Do not get yourself involved in petty arguments, resolve amicably. Finally, while you may see yourself in a predicament of sorts at work, do consider embarking on the path least travelled or take up a challenge to get new inspirations.

Finance: When it comes to your finances, things are not as dire as what you think they are. You are likely to have tried everything in your power to avoid a negative pitfall and still encounter some form of resistance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Love: If you have been through huge fight or conflict with your partner, things are not likely to go back to the way they were. But remember, the new year begets new beginnings and in this spirit, be willing to forgive any unhappy past memories. For those who are seeking love in the new year, this card may well indicate a need to let go of insecurities and perhaps to lower your standards too.

Card Two: Ten of Swords (Reverse)

General: Congratulations, the wheel of fortune is shining on you! You are likely to have triumphed over a seemingly insurmountable feat and life, in general, is likely to turn for the better!

Work: In the past year, you may have been plagued with a huge amount of stress and while it has put you off from being fully productive, things are going to turn for the better. In fact, some of you might have cut ties from a stressful work relationship and this translates to more “me time” for yourself. The worst is over and opportunities are abound everywhere.

Finance: It’s time to set some realistic financial goals. Meet an advisor and get professional feedback on how you can improve cash flow and save more in the new year. For business owners, money seems to be making a promising return. Learn from the mistakes you made in the past year and be vigilant!

Love: For couples who are undergoing a rough patch, the card is a reminder for you to stay true to yourself and seek the closure you need. Be brave and always protect your well-being! Otherwise, you may have been putting in some efforts to improve your relationship trajectory, but more is needed to see tangible growth. Our advice? Take initiative and embark on the safer route.

Card Three: Six of Coins (Reverse)

General: This January, it’s time to give back to those in need. That said, being generous doesn’t necessarily mean providing monetary returns to the needy. Sometimes, being present for someone is a form of generosity too.

Work: There are some risks at the workplace and the general rule of thumb here is to not over-promise and reap bad returns. It is also important to seek help (be honest about it) and eat the humble pie if necessary.

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Finance: There are plenty of resources around for you to utilise. Find them and make the right decision to save, invest, or even plan for a vacation. It is wise to seek recommendations by the word of mouth too. Then again, you are also well-reminded to not fall for simple scams and be wary of people trying to take advantage of you.

Love: For those who have been single, having standards that are too high may be the reason why you have yet to find the right person. Lower them, embrace the thrill of a chase, and perhaps rediscover a newer (and more open) personality of yours in the progress too. For those who are partnered, it’s time to indulge and spend more quality time with each other.

Card Four: Queen of Wands (Reverse)

General: There is a lot going on in January and for those who picked this card, you might want to consider becoming less of a social butterfly and retreat from the limelight. It’s a good time to gather some respite from the hustle and bustle, and seek some inner clarity in the progress.

Work: There is some manner of exhaustion manifesting in your work life right now, and this calls for a well-deserved break. You are also likely to become temperamental and edgy when things don’t pull off as you envisioned. Think rationally, take baby steps, and you will be on your way to getting some concrete results.

Finance: You might have been splurging a little too much in January and this card is a reminder for you to manage your expenses well. Spend when you need to and save when you don’t. Remember money cannot buy you happiness!

Love: For partners, this is a time to pay heed to your partners’ needs more than yours. Be more attentive to your partners’ needs and be equally nurturing too. If you are married, it might be a good time to listen to the advice of your mothers-in-law (they can be good allies too). For those who are single, you might consider enlisting the help of your female friends to seek the right person.