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Hallyu Star, Kim Tae-Hee Makes Her Return To K-Drama After 4 Years

Hallyu Star, Kim Tae-Hee Makes Her Return To K-Drama After 4 Years


It’s been a long time coming for fans of South Korean actress, Kim Tae-Hee. She is finally returning to the small screen with a brand new drama very soon. Details of Kim’s new drama, tentatively titled Hi Bye, Mama, have been released by South Korean broadcast company, tvN and we are pumped. The story revolves around a woman named Cha Yu-Ri who was killed in a brutal accident. However, in a supernatural turn of events, she was able to visit her husband, Jo Kang-Hwa (played by Lee Kyu-Hyung) and daughter as a spirit for 49 days. The TV series deals with themes of loss, family and the afterlife.

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This is Kim’s big return to acting after four years, since her last big project, the highly popular medical drama, Yong-Pal in 2015. The 39-year-old beauty was one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave back in the day, alongside K-pop superstars at that time, such as Rain. Coincidentally, Kim ended up marrying Rain in a private wedding in 2017. This makes their two kids, in our humble opinion, officially two of the most genetically blessed people in the world.

I mean, just LOOK at these two.

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Kim took time off acting, in the last few years, to focus on motherhood. She also recently gave birth to their second daughter in September 2019. We’re glad to see her get back into the swing of things with a new series that revolves around family as she has emphasised multiple times how much her family means to her.


Hi Bye, Mama is set to premiere in February 2020 after the season finale of tvN’s mega-hit Crash Landing Into You. We can’t wait!



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