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EXO’s Chen Announces That He Is Getting Married & Expecting A Child

EXO’s Chen Announces That He Is Getting Married & Expecting A Child


In an unexpected turn of events, Chen from the hugely popular K-pop boy group EXO has announced that he will be tying the knot with his girlfriend very soon. Chen’s girlfriend is not a celebrity and SM Entertainment (Chen’s talent agency) has confirmed the news as well as the news that she is expecting.

The news of his marriage was revealed by the artist himself, via EXO’s official fan club. Chen uploaded a handwritten letter to EXO-Ls (the group’s fandom) announcing this new chapter in his life.


His letter read:

“Hello, this is Chen.

I have something to say to my fans, so I wrote this letter. I don’t know how to start, so I am very nervous. I wanted to be the first one to tell my fans who I love so much, so I am leaving this post even with my lacking sentences.

I have a girlfriend who I want to be with for the rest of my life.

I was worried and concerned with what would happen with my decision, but I wanted to let everyone know early so my members, the company, my agency, and especially my fans who are proud of me wouldn’t be surprised by the sudden news, so I talked it out with my agency and the members.

During that time a blessing came to me. I was shocked because I wasn’t able to take part in the plans that I had made with the members and the company. But, this blessing gave me the strength and courage. I thought about how and when I should reveal the news but I didn’t want to wait any longer so I am carefully revealing it to you all now.

I am grateful to my members for genuinely supporting and congratulating me and to our fans for always showering us with insurmountable love. I will always be grateful for all of you and will continue to do my best in the position I am in.

Thank you always.”


The 27-year-old vocalist has had immense success in the group as well as in his solo endeavours last year, where he released not one but two EPs. Both of which topped the local album charts upon their release.

Meanwhile, EXO had just made an epic comeback with their 7th studio album, Obsession in November 2019. They had to promote the album with six members as D.O and Xiumin are currently in serving mandatory military service and Lay was promoting in China. Despite that, Obsession smashed the charts, nabbing the number one spot at the local Gaon Album Chart and Billboard World Albums Chart.

In SM Entertainment’s official statement, it was revealed that the couple, “will hold a small private wedding with only family.” They stated that it was also the two families’ wishes to keep details of the wedding private.

Regarding the news of Chen’s fiancee’s pregnancy, the talent agency confirmed that it was true but refused to give further details as she is not a celebrity. “We hope everyone understands that revealing details such as how many months pregnant or her due date is difficult,” said a rep for SM Entertainment, “Please watch over Chen well, as he is being a responsible figure.”

Congratulations to Chen!