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ELLE’s January Cover Star, Alicia Vikander Talks ‘Earthquake Bird’, Women’s Right & More

ELLE’s January Cover Star, Alicia Vikander Talks ‘Earthquake Bird’, Women’s Right & More


Actress Alicia Vikander has a face that changes with chameleonic ease, like the variations of the sun as it moves through the day. We met her under the bright rays of the Los Angeles sun to have a chat with the Academy Award nominee. We talk about her next film, a Netflix original psychological thriller set in Japan titled Earthquake Bird, being the face of Louis Vuitton and so much more.


The next movie you’re doing through Netflix, Earthquake Bird, is shot in Tokyo. Did shooting with different people with a mix of different backgrounds have an influence over the person you are today?


Of course! The fact that I was able to work with people of different backgrounds allows me to encounter and experience the culture on a deeper level than a traveller who simply visited a place.

Most of the crew on the set of Earthquake Bird were Korean and Japanese so I had a chance to feel the North East Asian culture much more than I had been exposed to in the past. The fact that I was born and raised in a small country such as Sweden and am now able to experience a myriad of different cultures is one of the big advantages of my profession. When I have a chance to go on a holiday, I’d open up a map and try to find a place where I can experience a new culture.

Top, and dress, by LOUIS VUITTON. Photo: Choi Yong-Bin
Dress, and Moon Pochette bag, $3,100, by LOUIS VUITTON. Photo: Choi Yong-Bin

You don’t hesitate to speak up for working women’s rights or about being a feminist. This is very impressive.


Ever since I was young, I was raised in an environment that encouraged self-confidence. Hence, I don’t feel afraid to express my opinions. I think that protecting women’s rights is an obvious duty. I can feel how much better the working environment now – what they had to deal with – has changed from the time actresses were working some 10 to 20 years ago. So much so, Netflix crew members are gathered and informed about what kind of manners are permitted, what constitutes as inappropriate behaviour – those types of guidelines are shared during the meeting. I am certain that there will be more changes ahead. And I, without hesitation, will support this.


Recently you were invited to the Louis Vuitton show in Paris. What does it mean to you to be Nicolas Ghesquière’s muse?


It’s really amazing to not only be friends with a very talented designer but also see the work up close or first hand. Because I was a lot younger when I first met him, it’s not an exaggeration to say that I learned what exactly fashion was through him. The house of Louis Vuitton fashion surpasses fashion and harmoniously pairs with architecture and even art.

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Nicolas’s collection captures an incredible amount of imagination inspired by various different facets that transcends into what I believe symbolises the future of creativity. As a female, when I wear his designs, I feel more confident. Like the soft, warm blanket-like Louis Vuitton cashmere coat, which I love, of course.


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