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K-pop Star, Goo Hara Releases Heart-Breaking Music Video Posthumously

K-pop Star, Goo Hara Releases Heart-Breaking Music Video Posthumously


Last year was tough year for K-pop fans as we saw the passing of so many young bright stars. Goo Hara was one of them and news of her tragic death shook South Korea to its very core. The former member of popular K-pop girl group, KARA passed away on 24 November 2019 in her home and the cause of death pointed towards suicide. Goo has privately battled with depression and had a tumultuous year dealing with a public court case against her ex-boyfriend under the grounds of sexual assault and blackmail.

In the midst of all this, Goo was the victim of online harassment and slander, especially after news of her sex videos (that were filmed by her ex without her permission or knowledge) surfaced. Earlier in May 2019, she had attempted suicide but was rushed to the hospital in time to revive her. Unfortunately in November that same year, authorities arrived too late.


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Since her passing, South Korea has had to re-look their policies on cyberbullying and have started to emphasise the importance of mental health especially for idols who are faced with back-breaking schedules and the scrutiny of the public eye. On top of that, the public also submitted a petition with over 200,00 signatures to the Blue House, requesting for harsher punishment for the crime of filming sexual acts without consent.

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Fast forward to 12 January 2020 and Goo has released a new music video for a track in her Midnight Queen album posthumously. Ironically titled “Hello”, the Japanese track is melancholic and delivers a somber atmosphere. The comments section is filled with tributes as fans continue to grieve for Goo, realising that this might the last music video they will ever get from their favourite artist.


Our hearts go out to Goo’s family, friends and fans.



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