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Lee Joon-Ki and Moon Chae-Won Will Be Starring In New K-Drama Thriller

Lee Joon-Ki and Moon Chae-Won Will Be Starring In New K-Drama Thriller


For those who are familiar with the initial Korean wave that engulfed the world in the 2000s, you would be familiar with 37-year-old South Korean actor, Lee Jun-Ki. Lee made an explosive debut in the critically-acclaimed Korean film, The King and The Clown and has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Fans will be excited to hear that the dashing actor is confirmed to be starring in an upcoming K-drama that is set to premiere in June 2020.

The drama, titled Flower of Evil is an action, thriller and Lee will be starring opposite The Good Doctor‘s Moon Chae-Won. This is the second time that the two stars will be sharing the small screen since the 2017’s Criminal Minds, based on the US television series with the same name. Check out the trailer of the two stars in the aforementioned drama below:


Flower of Evil promises to be a nail-biting thriller. The story revolves around Baek Hee-Sung (played by Lee), a psychopath who took on a new identity in order to hide his devastating past. He works as a metal craftsman to support his family yet he is a devoid of emotion, unable to empathise and sympathise. Despite that, he is a family man who is content with living a simple life with his wife and daughter.

His wife, Cha Ji-Won (played by Moon) is a homicide detective who is obsessed with uncovering the truth and solving crimes. Her small frame and enthusiasm is often mistaken for naivety and weakness. Contrary to first impressions, her curiosity and determination propels her to face crimes and dangerous situations head on. In Flower of Evil, the two polar opposite characters are pushed the extreme as family drama slowly bleeds into the world of crime.


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Director, Kim Chul-Gyu will be heading this new project. He is the man behind stunningly shot drama, Chicago Typewriter and the emotional family drama, Mother. Hence, we can expect great cinematography coupled with a gripping, emotional plot and stellar acting from Lee and Moon.

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Flower of Evil will tentatively premiere mid this year and we can’t wait.

Will you be catching this one?



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