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Apple’s Latest CNY Film Is A Totally Inspiring Tearjerker About Mothers

Apple’s Latest CNY Film Is A Totally Inspiring Tearjerker About Mothers


Over the past few years, Apple has been consistent in releasing heartwarming cinematic films as the Chinese New Year approaches. Following last December’s well-received, action-packed “Snowbrawl“, which was shot on the iPhone 11 Pro, this year’s Chinese New Year short film takes on a poignant twist and narrates a story of the generational differences between a progressive woman and her traditionalist mother.

Directed by Theodore Melfi (“Hidden Figures”), with cinematography by Lawrence Sher (“Joker”), the eight-minute short film, entitled “Daughter“, stars China’s leading actress Zhou Xun as a single mother-taxi driver, who defied societal norms and fetches her daughter along as she drives passengers about. Not impressed and approving of her decision to be financially independent, the female taxi driver and her mother continually get into spats with each other — as seen in several episodic flashbacks — and the two eventually fell out.

Between intimate moments inside the cab (or through the little girl’s “magic telescope”) and sweeping panoramas of Chong Qing’s cityscape, the video, which was professionally and brilliantly shot on the iPhone 11 Pro, easily pulls viewers to quietly root for Xun’s character and finally tugs at the heartstrings when the trio eventually reunite on a pouring Chinese New Year Eve.

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Feature Image Courtesy of Apple.