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7 Great Smelling Hand Sanitisers To Protect You This Flu Season

7 Great Smelling Hand Sanitisers To Protect You This Flu Season


If you are just like us, every conversation has either started with or ended with a discussion on the current novel Corona virus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China. Precautionary measures are currently being taken by world leaders in order to contain the spread of the outbreak while doctors and scientists are working hard to find a vaccine. In times like these, it’s easy to get caught up by the media headlines and feel like yourself up in your room for fear of contamination. However, panicking is never the answer. The only thing to do is to keep calm and alert, while taking the necessary precautionary measures to protect ourselves.

Personal hygiene is more important than ever now and it’s time to ‘up’ it. The novel Corona virus, just like any flu virus is spread via surface contact and in the air. Hence, it’s best to keep your hands clean and washed at all times, as well as to avoid touching your face as that increases the risk of a virus infection. Also, when you find yourself in places of high human traffic, such as the public transport, keep a hand sanitiser handy for on-the-go disinfection. Start making it a habit!

While some hand sanitisers pretty much smell like washing your hands in vodka, we’ve rounded up our favourite ones that not only disinfects but leaves your hands smelling great too. Here they are:


Bath & Body Works PocketBac Anti-Bacterial Gel

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

An oldie but a goodie. Bath & Body Works are known not just for their insane range of scented candles, but also their massive body care range which includes hand sanitisers in travel friendly packaging. You have a whole host of scents to choose from, though the aromatherapy range is our personal favourite. It’s cheap and cheerful too.


Jurlique Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

For those who suffer from terribly dry hands, the high alcohol content in most (if not all) hand sanitisers can be detrimental. This one from Jurlique is enriched with Safflower oil to moisturise the hands while Australian bush mint in the formula delivers the necessary antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.


Innisfree My Hand Strawberry Sanitiser Gel

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

This affordable hand sanitiser from K-beauty brand, Innisfree comes in three wonderful scents, namely Gardenia, Strawberry and Aloe. All of which are great to encourage sensorial people like us to consistent use the product. We highly suggest checking out Korean road-shop brands if your local pharmacy has ran out of hand sanitisers.


Dr Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitiser

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

For the conscientious shoppers out there, this one’s for you. Dr Bronner’s has been around for ages and is well-known for their Castile soaps and organic personal care products. Ingredients are ethically sourced and the oils used are certified organic. The spray version is great for not just the hands but surfaces such as desks and phones.

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Byredo Suede Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

Probably the bougie-est on our list, Byredo’s rinse-free hand wash is the perfect companion to their lush hand creams. These super aesthetic tubes not only disinfect hands, but also leaves them smelling like fresh aldehydes, soft musks and velvet plum. Yum.


Babyorganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Santiser

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

We know, we know. Even though the title of this article said “great smelling”, some times the best way to go is fragrance free. Especially if you have a sensitive skin type. This alcohol-free and fragrance-free option is great for literally anyone, from babies to grandparents. It is gentle on the skin while still effectively killing bacteria and germs.


Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

Photo: Courtesy of Brands

Aesop’s Resurrection range smells absolutely divine and their rinse-free hand wash in the same range is no exception. This non-drying and non-sticky hand sanitiser has a gorgeous woody, herbaceous aroma that lingers and is a complete joy to put on.



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