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A Definitive Tarot Reading Of What February 2020 Has In Store

A Definitive Tarot Reading Of What February 2020 Has In Store

Love is in the air in February. While we commonly associate February with romance and partnership, we must remember that love comes in all forms. Dedicate your time with your lover, family, friends, and even yourself, while basking in the positive mood all around. And of course, the new month sees a new set of challenges entering our lives. All you have to do is to pick one card out of the four, and read on to find out what’s in store for you.

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Card One: The Emperor

General: February is a good time to manifest control and be more assertive in your life. You are also going to find it slightly easier to make tough decisions too.

Work: There are plenty of opportunities ripening for you at work. Your superiors are also likely to notice your efforts and they may reward you for that. For struggling job seekers, persistence and diligence are keys to nailing an interview. Job seekers should also pay heed to the terms and conditions attached to the contract.

Finance: In the realm of money, promising returns are aplenty. Unfortunately, you should not give in to temptations or invest frivolously. Exercise discipline, and place your attention in growing what you possess, instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Love: For those who are single, you may find yourself getting attracted to an older person, possibly someone with certain masculine characteristics (being domineering, someone with a strict routine, etc). The card also encourages those who have a love interest to take the leap of faith, get out of the comfort zone, and ask someone out. Otherwise, those who are in a relationship will appreciate stability and improvement in their love life.

Card Two: Four of Coins

General: You seem stuck and still preoccupied with things from the past. Learn to let go, be more generous, and accepting that life is better now as it will be in the future.

Work: At work, clingy clients or co-workers may put a strain on how you manage your time. Learn to dissociate these commitments away from your own personal life. Interestingly, you may also be holding on to a job that does not give you the relevant fulfilment, but you stayed because of the financial stability. Likewise, for job seekers, you may be signing up for a job with commitments that do not coincide with your beliefs, but it is one that can pay the rents.

Finance: There is stability with cash flow, although you might be holding onto your resources a little bit too tightly. February is a time for you to be more generous and invest in bettering your relationships with others too. Perhaps a donation or two to a local charity of your preference, or a small financial aid to a friend or relative may help reap better karma.  

Love: In the domain of relationship, if you are partnered, you are either living with a controlling partner or you are guilty of holding on to a situation too tightly. For the former, seek professional help or confide in your friends. For the latter, learn to let go. Remember, love is about respecting boundaries and giving space. For those who are single, however, you may still be apprehensive about getting out of your comfort zone, but you can only meet someone when you mingle out. Take that leap of faith.

Card Three: The Hermit

General: You are going to be rather moody this month, and it may be a good idea to take frequent respites. Remember, you are not anti-social, you are merely embracing solitude and to recover from the conundrum of it all. February is also going to be a spiritual month for you.    

Work: It is always important to do the right thing at the right time at your workplace. Be more organised and strategic with how you allocate your time and resources, and spend more time with people outside of your job. You would find that the greatest solace is spending time with your family and friends. For job seekers, who are contemplating between multiple offerings and openings, look for one that promises to give the greatest fulfilment.  

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Finance: February is not a time to purchase or invest on impulse. You need to take a break and be more mature with your spending. Learn to from your previous mistakes and only get the stuff that you need.

Love: For those are single, you are recovering from a past trauma and are ready to break this period of loneliness. It is wise to let your closest friends know of your relationship progress, and they can be your coping mechanism if things go wrong. For those who are partnered, the card is indicative that one of you may be too preoccupied with other things instead of growing the relationship. In this case, February calls for more date nights to bolster and deepen the bonds between two.

Card Four: The Fool

General: New beginnings and a fresh set of challenges may put you on edge, but there is adventure is in the air. While you are inclined to take the leap of faith, the card is telling you to look before you jump.

Work: For those who have received a promotion, you may be struggling to adapt to a new environment, it is okay to ask for help. Otherwise, those, who are presently working, may see opportunities for promotions and even a mild pay raise. For those who are looking to leave their jobs, February is a good time to clear things up and start searching. Job seekers should be resourceful and search prudently, while those who want to start their business should take that leap of faith.

Finance: You can expect some windfall of sorts — pay raise, ROI, or even finding a job that pays well. But don’t expect the cash coming in without hard work. Learn to scrimp when necessary, invest only when it’s worthy, and spend frugally. If you have been rather tight with money in recent months, your situation is likely to improve too.  

Love: Playful and fickle-minded, The Fool is card that indicates that someone in the relationship is not ready to commit even though the stars have aligned. In other words, while your date nights are going to be hella fun, you (or your partner’s) heart isn’t fully into it. For those who are single, The Fool is a card that reminds you to be attentive, especially while you are having a whale of your time out with your friends, that special someone may just be round the corner!