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Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2020 Collection Is ’80s Pop Culture Done Right

Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2020 Collection Is ’80s Pop Culture Done Right


Don’t you love things that are so bad that they’re good? Maybe it’s a hideously dated song from the ‘80s that you can’t help playing on repeat. A truly garbage film whose plot is incredibly inane, but at the same time, wickedly addictive. Or one of those cheesy ’80s bathroom romance novels with the ridiculously ornate cover font accompanied by a hypnotising swirl of neon colours. All exceedingly terrible, and simultaneously, exquisitely good.

Here’s the thing: they’re glaringly obvious and flamboyantly tacky. We’re not supposed to enjoy them. But the sheer blatancy and unnatural sheen of their existence is what makes them so glorious, and precisely what Nicolas Ghesquière adores. Inspired by the slasher explosion of the 1980s, the maison’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection is a wearable library of cinematic horror ’80s film archetypes and retro book covers: the final girls, giant spiders, dangerous windows, a nasty darkness that gazes back and dusty abandoned houses that people should really stop going into. Featuring noted Hollywood starlets such as Jennifer Connelly, Laura Harrier and Sophie Turner as the protagonists of these films and books, the looks of this collection are a stylistic rebellion that lets you slip into a character of your own making.


The Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2020 collection is available in all Louis Vuitton boutiques across Singapore from May 2020.



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