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Our Top Picks From Chanel’s Desert Dream Makeup Collection

Our Top Picks From Chanel’s Desert Dream Makeup Collection


“I was looking for something poetic, like a memory — a natural filter that makes everything look dreamier,” says Lucia Pica, Chanel’s global creative makeup and colour director, about her latest makeup offering, the Desert Dream collection in a phone interview with ELLE Singapore. Pica visited Namib, a coastal desert in Namibia, known for its captivatingly vibrant orange sand dunes, and home to some of the largest sand dunes in the world.

“We weren’t looking for the archetypal travel photography shot,” says Pica, who returned with a series of pictures taken with a Polaroid camera. “Polaroid is something that would remind you of a precious memory — and there’s this sort of romantic attachment to it,” she continues. The result? A muted palette characterised by peachy rose tones, cool browns and romantic mauve, with shimmering, metallic textures echoing the semi-precious rocks in the desert that have been shaped by the wind over time.

Here, we pick up a few of Pica’s favourites from the collection and share how she uses them.

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Baume Essentiel in Golden Light, $69
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

The Baume Essentiel in Golden Light is not for contouring; it is actually a blusher that imparts an all-over, sun-kissed look for a fresh and glowing complexion. Pica’s tips: Apply with a brush from the top of the cheekbones, to the bridge of the nose and to the other side of the cheekbones.



Ombre Premiere Laque in Quartz Rose (right) and Rayon (left), $53 each
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Inspired by the gentle shimmer of rose quartz and other rock formations in Namib, this is a multi-use, high-pigmented creamy eyeshadow that draws subtle attention to the eyes. Pica’s tips: Apply the liquid eyeshadow on the entire eyelid or use the paler shades as a highlighter.

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Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme in Endless, $52
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

Not all pinks are made equal. This shade is an in-between colour that might look ordinary, but is actually hard to find. “The colour is almost red, but I also mix it with a bit of dusty pink so it’s not too girly,” says Pica of this long-lasting, extra matte lipstick.



Stylo Ombre et Contour in Contour Brun and Contour Mauve, $53 each
Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

This shimmery eye pencil offers a strong colour payoff. It’s slightly thicker than a liner so it can be used to line and contour the eyes or blended into a creamy base.



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