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5 Meaningful Gifts For Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day

5 Meaningful Gifts For Your Significant Other This Valentine’s Day


There’s no doubt that Valentine’s Day has become heavily commercialised, setting up ridiculous expectations and creating unnecessary pressure for couples everywhere to find their partners gifts that don’t quite express the nature of their relationship. Quite honestly, it’s the thought that counts but for goodness sake, don’t pull a Joey Tribbiani and conveniently hand them a voucher. On that note, here are a list of handpicked gifts for your favourite weirdo guaranteed to make this year’s holiday. Because the couple that’s weird together, stays together.


For Bae Who Loves Good Smells


Does bae like to sniff the air every time they pass by a Lush shop? Get fizz-ical and enjoy a steamy soak together with Lush’s special Valentine’s Day limited edition bath bombs inspired by the iconic eggplant and peach emojis. Made with herbaceous ho wood oil, sweet bergamot oil and decadent tonka absolute, the Cheeky Tonka Fizz delivers a seductive and alluring experience. If you’re feeling cheeky, indulge yourselves with swoon-worthy pink swirls from the Peach and Love bath bomb for an uplifting and seductive finish with rejuvenating grapefruit oil, warm davana oil and sweet fresh peach juice. Now that right there, hits the spot.

Photo: Lush Singapore Facebook. Peach and Love, S$13 each. Cheeky Tonka Fizzes, S$10 each.

Cost: S$10 or S$13. Get your bath bomb fix here or visit any Lush store across Singapore.


Or if bae takes to baths the way a cat takes to water, check out Maison 21G’s bespoke Valentine’s Love Atelier, which offers couples a chance to try their hand at the noble art of perfumery. With a diverse range of sensual au-natural extraits to choose from, couples can create a personalised Scent Romance for themselves at just S$70. Alternatively, embark on an hour-long session with the atelier’s experts and design an individual scent for yourselves as well as a collective scent encapsulating the nature of your relationship.

Photo: Maison 21G. Personalised bottle of Scent Romantic, S$70 each.

Cost of Valentine perfumery session at the Love Atelier: S$270. Make a reservation with Maison 21G here.


For Bae Who Loves Sweet Treats


Since bae probably already makes a habit out of giving their food heart eyes, treat them to an interactive experience that allows them to personalise their Valentine’s Day dessert. Available from this Friday, Feb 7th to the end of the month, this special menu features a ruby feuilletine and ginger cake base topped with a rose lemongrass parfait, Oolong tea mousse, and yuzu elderflower yoghurt.

Photo: 2am:dessertbar. Decorative options include pink chocolate pearls, lavender marshmallows, rose kohakutou and grapefruit pate.

With an extensive array of decorative choices that include rose kohakutou, lavender-infused marshmallows and grapefruit pate amongst others to adorn your cakes, both you and bae are sure to find a unique combination inspired by your relationship. Pair with The Lady in Pink gin cocktail (S$18 or S$20 ala carte) which offers a floral yet tart finish of green apple, pomegranate and lemon and marzipan rose tea syrup.

Cost of dessert: S$24. Make a reservation with 2am:dessertbar at 6291 9727.

For Bae Who Loves Seeing New Places


If you’d like to show bae a whole new world, then look no further than the island paradise of Tembok. Nestled amongst grassy lowlands on the tip of the island’s northern coast and surrounded by black volcanic sands, this idyllic luxury resort is the perfect romantic getaway, offering spellbinding sunset views of Mount Batur and the vivid blue waters of the Bali sea.

Photo: YTL Hotels. At Spa Village Resort Tembok in Bali.

Spa Village Resort Tembok’s Romantic Retreat package has your Valentine plans sorted to a T, including a ritualistic welcome foot bath, a deluxe 50-minute couple’s spa treatment for every night of your stay and the perfect end to each day with an enchanting evening of starlight gazing on a floating pool platform. Whether you desire spending your days sun-bathing by the pool, going on white-water rafting trips, leisurely bike rides to waterfalls, sunset sailing, squid fishing or immersing yourself in the resort’s artistic, cultural and physical offerings, this resort has a little touch of old-Bali magic for everyone.

Cost: Starting from S$280 per night. Make an online reservation with Spa Village Resort Tembok here.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for somewhere a little farther off the beaten path or possibly Narnia itself, Walk Japan offers a guided snowshoe tour through Japan’s famed Central Alps region, where forests are transformed into a vast surrealist wintery dreamscape during this time of the year. Starting from Tokyo and ending in Nagano, experience a taste of country life in charming valleyside village ryo-kan stays, mountainside cottages between enchanting walks across untouched realms inhabited only by local wildlife.

Photo: Walk Japan. Panoramic view of Snow Country.

The seven-day, six-night Snow Country tour’s highlight? A moonlit night walk in a silent beech forest and meeting a traditional bear hunter or matagi who share rare insight on a traditional way of life almost past. If top-class local cuisine, chats with the locals, relaxing onsen thermal hot spring baths and an intimate experience with nature is your kind of thing, don’t hesitate.

Cost: JPY 348,000 (approx. S$4,372). The tour runs from Monday, February 3rd 2020 – Sunday, February 9th 2020. Make a booking for the tour with Walk Japan here.

See Also

For Bae Who Is Game For Anything


Not a gamer yourself? That’s cool. This one will take an hour, tops. Check out 39 Days to Mars, a co-operative story-driven steampunk adventure game set in the 19th century about two interactive characters, Albert and Clarence, on a mission to Mars. Taking only an hour to complete, each event in the narrative introduces a unique puzzle ranging from assembling pictures, unlocking contraptions or guiding objects through hazard-laden courses, requiring communication and teamwork from both players to solve.

Photo: YouTube

Cost: S$14.50. Purchase 39 Days to Mars online on Steam here.

For Bae Who Keeps Stealing Your Nuggets


As if we don’t notice when a nugget goes missing. If bae is getting too handsy, head them off with this invaluable cookbook by F.L. Fowler, Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook. Featuring fifty ways of preparing chicken and complete with cheeky banter, this hilarious book is sure to keep wandering hands right where they belong.

Photo: Youtube

Cost: S$19.55. Watch the trailer here and pick up a copy of Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook here.

Bae after receiving these gifts:



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