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New York Fashion Week: Tory Burch Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show

New York Fashion Week: Tory Burch Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show


This season, American fashion house, Tory Burch embraces the femininity of the modern woman. Creative Director for the brand, Tory Burch, herself, has sought the help of New York female sculptor, Francesca DiMattio to deliver an unabashedly feminine collection, complete with floral prints designed by DiMattio herself. Burch spoke with Elle Singapore after the show and explained, “Now, more than ever, women need a voice. They need to own their power, confidence and ambition. The way we try to get that message across is by working with an artist that stands for that and confronts norms. With our company and what we do, if we could dress women to make them feel more confident and powerful, that would be a success.”

Tory Burch’s fall/winter 2020 certainly straddles the dichotomy of strength and vulnerability in womanhood well with modest pussybow collars juxtaposed against blazers and leather thigh high boots. The florals are subdued and grounded in earthy tones that prevent the ruffled tops and frilly dresses from being childish or too naive. There is a sense of wonder that is weighted by practicality and logic, which is the perfect representation of the modern career woman. 

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With NYFW being one of the more volatile series of shows in fashion month, Burch mused, “American fashion, as with anything in the industry, has ebbs and flows. I think right now, everyone needs to do what’s best for them.” She went on to explain, “People ask me what do you think of Tom [Tommy Hilfiger] going to LA or Ralph Lauren not showing… I think everyone is going for what’s best for them. The American fashion industry has so many great talents and we should celebrate that. I’m not down on American fashion.” 

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