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New York Fashion Week: An Intimate Look At Kate Spade’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

New York Fashion Week: An Intimate Look At Kate Spade’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection


In her seventh collection for the American fashion house, Kate Spade, Creative Director Nicola Glass showed us that she has the DNA of the brand down to a tee. There is great confidence and assuredness behind Kate Spade’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection and we truly get the sense that Glass is hitting her stride with this one. It has everything fans of the brand would love, brilliant use of colours, comfortable yet chic pieces and of course, handbags and accessories that women will find quite hard to resist. Glass isn’t here to please the fashion crowd, she is here to dress women and instil confidence.

In an intimate presentation with the media, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the styling that goes into each outfit and up-close-and-personal with the beautiful lace details and tailored tweed suits in the latest collection. Glass has picked a wide range of models, young and old, to showcase the diversity of her garments. It’s refreshing to see the jewel-toned patterned dresses and crisp blazers look just as stunning on a young, fresh-faced girl as they do on an older woman. “Every piece has something special. There’s magic in putting together an outfit you love,” Glass explained. Once again, Glass places customers first and places great importance on how one feels when dressed in her designs.

Timelessness is a key focus of this collection as Glass refers to pieces as “forever favourites”. She presented her vibrant interpretations of classics such as tweed, animal prints, florals, dots and lace, which are meant to merge seamlessly into any wardrobe. As always, the onus is in us, to take the pieces that speak to us and make it our own.




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