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Step Inside This Futuristic Mall That We Toured With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Step Inside This Futuristic Mall That We Toured With BLACKPINK’s Jennie


Let’s all be honest here, shopping malls are boring. Close your eyes for a minute and visualise a mall for me, just for a second. If beige-y marble floors, clean walls and a central atrium space come to mind you know exactly what I mean. Enter SKP-S, a retail space unlike most, that’s a collab with the South Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster. Here are 5 things we learned when we toured it with BLACKPINK’s Jennie.


1. It’s basically an installation you can shop at.


Working with Gentle Monster means you’re not going to get vanilla interiors. If you’ve ever been their stores at Ion at MBS, you’ll know they have a whole different way of enticing you to buy stuff. And much like those stores, the emphasis isn’t run of the mill windows or styling suggestions but thematic sculptures that draw you in. Here they’ve chosen to go for a post-apocalyptic, Martian-esque theme that features everything from cloned sheep to artefacts from earth. Each tableaux-like space is stunning and totally instagram-worthy.


2. Not just a pretty space, the brands there are real fashion heavy-hitters

Photo: Courtesy of Gentle Monster

From Dior and Fendi who both tweaked their interiors to match the vibe, the buzziest brands are here and accounted for. If it’s something a little more niche you crave or a little makeup to bring back from your expedition, SKP-S also has their own multi-label boutique with a well stocked rack of everything from the latest adidas to a Paco Rabanne dress.


3. You’ll leave with a different view… literally.

Photo: Courtesy of Gentle Monster

The Piece de Resistance, like its crowning glory, is located on the top floor of the mall. Behold, the Gentle Monster store. Inspired by man passing through a worm hole, parts of the interior are warped and stretched to create intriguing sculptures while large screen fill the space. Yet with all that, it manages to not be… alienating.

Don’t believe us? Let Jennie show you around! 


4. Desserts can taste good and look completely out of this world.

Photo: Courtesy of Gentle Monster

Once you’re all done taking the sights and sounds in, head to the Nudake Mars Cafe. Right next to the Gentle Monster store where the creations are wildly imaginative. When I was there I had a cheesecake  in the shape of a face with a little  jelly ear. A little alarming at first, the taste more than made up for the shock. It was, as they say “pretty damn legit”. The photo-friendly cafe has is beautifully furnished in the stuff of pinterest-boards.

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5. You can cop the eyewear online too.


If you’re not travelling anytime soon, take a look at Gentle Monster’s latest collection through their website and have it delivered right to your doorstep! Psst, the one Jennie’s wearing here is the Ma’01 from the new Flatba collection.



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