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New York Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Michael Kors Collection Fall/Winter 2020

New York Fashion Week: 10 Best Looks From Michael Kors Collection Fall/Winter 2020


It was a brisk and rainy 4 degrees celsius at New York City when Michael Kors revealed his Fall/Winter 2020 collection and almost immediately we wanted to take the cozy wool ponchos right off the runway and wrap bundle ourselves in them. The iconic American designer delivered a collection that was equal parts cozy and luxury. The colour palette was deep, dark and warm with beiges, greys and blacks; Staple hues in a New Yorker’s wardrobe. Kors described his latest collection as an urban respite in the heart of the city.

“It explores that idea of getting away from it all, of taking some time to escape into nature and refuel,” Kors explained, “And of course, since we can’t all move to the countryside, we looked at how you can take that feeling of privacy and coziness with the polish and luxury you need in an urban environment.” We see references to the countryside in the cow print trenches, fringed ponchos and shearling coats. These ‘countryside’ elements are, then, mixed seamlessly with metropolitan details such as grey-tones and leather handbags, right down to the slick back hair-do that screams “city girl”.

The turtleneck chunky knit sweaters and scarves go right up above the models’ chins, conveying a feeling of self-protection and privacy as it shields the wearer from their surroundings. Naturally, the tailoring was impeccable, especially when it came to the caped trench coats. Scroll through our top picks below to see exactly what we mean:




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