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The Best Looks From Gucci’s Symbolic Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show

The Best Looks From Gucci’s Symbolic Fall/Winter 2020 Runway Show


We said once and we’ll say it again, Alessandro Michele‘s runway shows for Gucci are not just fashion shows, they are an experience. And at the unveiling of his Fall/Winter 2020 collection for the Italian luxury fashion house, he did not disappoint. The show opened with a voiceover by Italian director Federico Fellini who inspired Michele’s latest collection. “Fellini was talking about the sacredness of cinema and the rituals of filmgoing,” Michele explained, “We all belong to the same circus and I really want to go on repeating this ritual.”

The idea of rituals and the symbolism of this concept were present throughout the show. Held in a 360 degrees, rotating stage, Michele showed the ritual behind their runway show, from makeup to dressing and styling each garment. The backstage crew were shown along with the models and audiences can see the steps brands take before the revelation of the final product.

Other symbols of rituals, such as religious ones are seen in the Michele’s interpretation of nuns, crosses and pilgrims. These conservative pieces are juxtaposed and reimagined with leather straps and harnesses. Little prairie dresses and school uniforms were also spotted, perhaps in reference to the innocence of beliefs and the rituals of growing up, going to school and so on.

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Overall, Michele sums it all up nicely by stating, “You were our show, and we were your show,” reminding the audience that to the models on stage, they too are being observed and that the fashion set are equal participants in the rituals of fashion week.




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