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The Best Looks From Loewe’s Striking Fall/Winter 2020 Show

The Best Looks From Loewe’s Striking Fall/Winter 2020 Show


Creative Director of Loewe, JW Anderson is not about following trends. He makes them. The Spanish luxury fashion house has had a meteoric rise to the top in the last few years, thanks to Anderson’s vision. This Fall/Winter 2020, he is honing in on that vision and pushing it even further. “We have to push it [fashion] somewhere new,” Anderson said, “Looking at building new types of silhouettes that can work in an abstract way. Trying to take a risk, maybe in my own self.” He took matters in his own hands and played with almost every silhouette that sashayed down the runway. Anderson played with volume, subverting the conventional elements of femininity by doing the unexpected. Dresses gathered in the center to create a sort of lotus effect, gigantic trench coats and even bigger pantaloons, each garment presented a new shape and feast for the eyes.

Despite the exaggerations in proportions, Anderson grounds each look with a simplicity that makes the new silhouettes more digestible. By the end of the collection, you’ll find yourself feeling the need to add these new silhouettes into your wardrobe. “I learned at JW how to cut out the noise,” Anderson said, “the idea of stripping it back to a one-piece look.” Perhaps this respect for simplicity is the secret to Loewe’s increasing mass appeal. All this while still moving the fashion industry forward.

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