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The Best Looks From Louis Vuitton’s Retrofuture Fall/Winter 2020 Show

The Best Looks From Louis Vuitton’s Retrofuture Fall/Winter 2020 Show


Thank you, Nicolas Ghesquière for bringing the drama and theatrics back into Paris Fashion Week! The Creative Director of Louis Vuitton stole the limelight with an incredibly memorable Fall/Winter 2020 show, both in presentation and design. Held at the art Mecca that is Musée du Louvre, the French luxury fashion house hired a choir of 200 strong to provide the soundtrack to the show as well as be part of the art performance. Each member of the choir were dressed in a historical outfit from different eras, regions and cultures designed by Milena Canonero, costume designer for cult classics such as Clockwork Orange and The Shining. Honestly, the attention to details in those costumes alone would’ve warranted it’s own dedicated fashion show. The choir stood on a tiered stage, creating a wall of history, looking on at the unveiling of Louis Vuitton’s latest collection.

Aptly titled “Collisions of Time”, Ghesquière presents a collection that is possibly the very definition of retro-future⁠—a mish-mash of silhouettes, colour palettes and clothing that define an era. From vibrant colour-blocked parkas reminiscent of the ones from the 90s to flared, ruffled skirts in a Victorian style, these pieces are reimagined with a futuristic slant and the result is breath-taking.

“I wanted a group of characters that represent different countries, different cultures, different times,” Ghesquière explained before the show, “I love this interaction between the people seated in the audience, the girls walking, and the past looking at them—these three visions mixed together.” It certainly translated to the audience as the space was transformed into a kaleidoscope of fashion history that merged the past, present and future. There were references of fur-lapelled coats from the 60s, futuristic jumpsuits fit for time-travel and jewel-encrusted matador jackets as tradition and innovation collide. Check out our favourite pieces from the collection below:




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