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Mochi Skin Is The Latest J-Beauty Trend That Sounds Totally Delicious

Mochi Skin Is The Latest J-Beauty Trend That Sounds Totally Delicious


If K-Beauty’s glass skin had you reaching for a 9-step skincare routine in an attempt to achieve that elusive, seemingly transparent, luminous complexion, then the latest J-Beauty trend is going to have you hoarding the serums all over again. Enter Mochi Skin. Almost as delicious as it sounds, the latest skin trend innovation from beauty destination du jour, Japan, is all about supple, plump and bouncy skin. Think the velvety, soft outside of a domed Mochi ball, but for your skin.

Also known as ‘Mochi Hada’ or ‘rice-cake skin’, the super soft, poreless look is inspired by the traditional Japanese dessert.

If glass skin was all about a high shine, dewy finish, then the key to attaining Mochi Skin is all about a bouncy texture. That plushy 3D roundness that seems to be all over Instagram? Yup, that’s what we’re aiming for here.

So how can you get Mochi Skin? Alas, it’s not by eating rice balls. Instead, the secret to that satisfyingly plump glow is multiple layers of hydrating skincare using as few products as possible. Your extensive morning skincare routine just got a lot simpler.

Start by double cleansing every morning and evening (a cleansing oil or balm then a wash works a treat at removing make-up and cleaning your skin), followed by a biyoueki (lotion) and a lightweight moisturiser or serum, and finish with a SPF. Add in a hydrating mask every other day and Mochi Skin will be within your grasp.

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No exfoliating we hear you ask? Yes, a good old face scrub can be satisfying, but J-Beauty principles generally avoid a physical exfoliator, believing they can create micro-tears in the skin which can be damaging.

Instead, a solid double cleanse and gentle layering of hydrating products are the Mochi Skin way to achieve a supple, ‘ageless’ glow.


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