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Song Joong-Ki To Self-Quarantine After Safely Returning From Colombia

Song Joong-Ki To Self-Quarantine After Safely Returning From Colombia


Update: Fans of South Korean actor, Song Joong-Ki will be glad to know that he has returned safely after having to evacuate Colombia mid-filming. The cast and crew of the upcoming film, Bogotá, which the actor will be starring in had to take separate flights in light of countries closing their borders to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Song arrived this Tuesday morning and left quickly to quarantine himself in his home for 14 days as instructed by the South Korean government. His agency, History D&C gave a statement regarding the actor’s health,

Currently, there are no issues with Song Joong Ki’s health. He will return home and take a rest, and we will be monitoring him as much as possible during his 2 weeks of self-quarantine.

Representative of History D&C

It is reported that only one third of the filming process was completed before the cast and crew had to evacuate the country, in light of the pandemic. Hence, production has come to a complete halt until the pandemic resides and it’s safe for filming to continue.

Bogotá is one of the most highly-anticipated films schedule to be released this year so it’s a real shame, but health and safety do come first.


Original, 20 March: As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to escalate, South Korean actor, Song Joong-Ki was reported to have to evacuate the nation of Colombia mid-way through the filming of his upcoming movie Bogotá. The Hallyu star along with the entire cast including Lee Hee-JoonKwon Hae-Hyo, and Juana del Rio and the production team had to stop filming and return to South Korea for the safety of the staff. This was a collective decision in which the film’s production team stated,


All of the staff who are in Colombia, South America will return home in consideration of the situation in the continent. We are looking for ways to make sure the staff and cast members can return home as safely as possible, by arranging a flight as soon as we can.

Bogotá production team

This will certainly extend the production period of one of Korea’s most highly anticipated films in 2020. Bogotá tells the story of a South Korean man who immigrated to Colombian in South America. We follow him through his journey into settling down in a foreign land. The unique premise along with the unusual attempt to film the entire film on site, garnered the film some promotional buzz even before production began. The cast and crew flew to Colombia as early as January 2020 and they have been on location since then. No one could’ve foreseen the Covid-19 situation to reach such startling levels of global pandemic.

As the virus continues it’s spread throughout South America and the rest of the world, the team made the tough decision to stop production and head back to South Korea to carefully monitor the situation.


We are fully preparing to try and prevent any disruptions to the movie’s production. Since this is a difficult situation for everyone involved, we are planning to try and find an alternative so we can wisely solve the problem.

Bogotá production team

Song is reportedly scheduled to return over the weekend along with his fellow staff members. Bogotá was initially slotted to release in the second half of 2020. Though with this huge shift in the production schedule, it’s likely to be delayed.

Stay tuned for more updates.