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On the Wrist: Test Driving Vacheron Constantin’s Women-Only Watch, The Égérie Moonphase

On the Wrist: Test Driving Vacheron Constantin’s Women-Only Watch, The Égérie Moonphase


It’s not everyday that Vacheron Constantin offers an entirely new ladies collection. As one of oldest watchmakers in the world, (they’ve been producing clocks and watch uninterrupted since 1755 — that is 265 years, almost 9 generations!) the Swiss watchmaker has in fact done some ladies pieces under their iconic Overseas and Patrimony collection, and even a feminine take on high watchmaking pieces in the past, but an entire line dedicated just for ladies? Meet the Égérie, which means muse, translating the watchmaker’s idea of a woman into a watch.


The Making


Haute horlogerie meets haute couture in this women’s-only collection. Think of it as a couture piece, painstakingly handmade by artisans who have spent years dedicating his/her time to a particular skill or technique. Translate that into the watchmaking world, and that means skilled watchmakers dedicate hours to creating its movement (in this case, self-winding) on the inside as much as the aesthetic value on the outside.

Photo: Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

The Look


Vacheron Constantin has always been known to offer contemporary watches with a touch of its heritage. The Égérie does that in its own way. It features details such as fan-textured dial and custom numerals. There are two models: the calendar model at 35mm or the moonphase model at 37mm (the latter also comes with a fully-paved model in white gold). They are available in stainless steel with a steel bracelet, or pink gold with three interchangeable straps that are super easy to change.

As anyone would notice, the most interesting part of the watch is the position of its cabochon moonstone crown, moonphase and logo that look as if it’s suspended by a diagonal line. One can’t help but to recall the Historiques American 1921, a watch designed in said year, featuring a dial positioned at a 45-degree angle to make it easier for driver to read behind the wheel.

Photo: Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

The Feel


I tried on the Égérie Moonphase 37mm model in pink gold with interchangeable straps. There are a few types of moonphase out there, and this one is set according to the Gregorian calendar to indicate the moon’s position at the current time — it’s not linked to the shape of the moon at the current location you are in. More than its primary function, moonphase has always been a whimsical, poetic complication that is fun to own, while appreciating the crafts of these artisans. It’s also nice to wake up to a slightly different dial, as the moon constantly orbits around the earth. But what I really like about the Égérie Moonphase model is that is breaks up the monotony of the white dial with a hint of the “sky” — and that “fluffy” cloud in mother-of-pearl adds dimension to the otherwise simpler dial.

I’m don’t have skinny wrists, but the 37mm feels snug on mine, and the size, just nice. I can also imagine those with slender wrists can go for this size. After all, the design is not too feminine and it would look just as good when worn slightly oversized. All the models also come with diamonds, and I always like that extra bling on my hand.

I had a feel of the Égérie in steel bracelet as well. As far as I’m concerned, the bracelet is comfortable, malleable and doesn’t catch hair.

Photo: Courtesy of Vacheron Constantin

The Style


There are a few reasons why I would go for the Égérie Moonphase 37mm in pink gold. There’s something about the contrast of pink gold with diamonds that calls out to me. It’s that old world allure that suggests the appreciation for a classic design that is timeless, yet imbued with a sense of bold style that doesn’t shy away from attention.

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While the interchangeable straps are not new in the watchmaking world, it is definitely a plus point. Available in pink, blue or brown at $600 each, it’s a little extra investment that would go a long way to freshen up your watch, without having to go to the boutique. 

I personally like the Égérie with pink strap, as that frivolity of pink creates an interesting tension with the otherwise classic watch. It also commands more attention and puts me in a lighter, less serious mood. It even sits perfectly right at home — literally — next to my cat. It’s great to go with denim for the weekend, or even a gala dinner. On days where you need to be a little subtler, the brown strap proves to be a winner, the best companion for a corporate meeting. The blue strap? It can go both ways really.


Pictured above: Égérie Moonphase 37mm in pink gold with diamonds, $49,100, by Vacheron Constantin. Available at Vacheron Constantin boutiques and official website here.