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13 Of The Best Fitness Trackers To Keep Tabs On All Those Lunges At Home

13 Of The Best Fitness Trackers To Keep Tabs On All Those Lunges At Home


Fitness trackers are as much of a fashion essential nowadays as sliders in spring and a panama hat in the summer. Forget trees in a forest – if a person goes for a jog and didn’t track it, does it really count as a run? (Of course it does, but you see where we’re going with this). Like with dating, cooking, working and socialising, technology has transformed the way people interact with fitness. Former gym bunnies are increasingly turning to at-home fitness workouts via apps and live streaming platforms, using books as weights and towels as TRX straps. Others, meanwhile, are using massage guns in addition to physiotherapy and online personal trainers while traveling.

However, choosing the best fitness tracker – that counts your steps, checks your vital signs, keep track of calories, monitors your sleep and allows you to play music via Bluetooth – is pretty tricky when there’s so many on the market. Especially now they come in all shapes, sizes and with varying price tags and rainbow-coloured straps.

With physical activity a priority to maintain healthy minds and bodies, there is a plethora of fitness watches to help keep tabs on your daily activities, monitor your heart rate and sleep quality. And some of them are actually pretty chic.

Here is a list of the best fitness trackers to buy to keep track of your health:


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