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Heart-throb Park Bo-Gum and Parasite’s Park So-Dam Will Star In New K-Drama

Heart-throb Park Bo-Gum and Parasite’s Park So-Dam Will Star In New K-Drama


South Korean television network, tvN has announced a brand new young adult TV series with a stellar cast. The K-drama, titled Record of Youth, will star the charming Park Bo-Gum and Parasite‘s Park So-Dam along with up-and-coming actor, Byun Woo-Seok. With this much star power in the lineup, it’s no wonder everyone has been buzzing about the new show that is set to air in the second half of 2020. Another reason for the hype is due to Park So-Dam’s massive success in the Oscar-winning film, Parasite. The 28-year-old actress does not agree to many television series (her last K-drama was in 2016) and tend to focus on film projects mostly. Hence, fans are greatly anticipating her return to the small screen.

Record of Youth is a coming-of-age story about pursuing one’s dreams. Park Bo-Gum plays Sa Hye-Jun, a model trying to make a career switch into acting. Despite being a great model (I mean, it can’t be hard with Park Bo-Gum’s looks), he struggles with acting auditions, bombing quite a number of them. Being practical, Sa is torn between pursuing the career he had always dreamed of and giving up.


Meanwhile, Park So-Dam’s character, An Jung-Ha is grappling with loneliness. She worked as a makeup artist before quitting her company and in a surprising turn of events joins a makeup shop in Cheongdam-dong. She is a good-natured and positive person, hence she is naturally popular among her friends and colleagues. Despite this popularity, she still feels lonely and struggles to find her own path in life.

We also meet model and actor Won Hae-Hyo, played by the dashing rookie actor, Byun Woo-Seok. Won comes from a privileged and wealthy family, allowing him to have access to more opportunities to pursue his acting career. Even though he has acted in many popular projects, he still had no presence nor star power and struggles to make a name for himself. His grandfather is the president of a private school foundation and his father is the professor and director of a university. Hence, he feels the pressure to live up to their legacy.

The three characters lives are inexplicably intertwined as they pursue their individual dreams. At the helm of Record of Youth is Producer Ahn Gil-Ho whose previous works include popular K-dramas such as Stranger, Memories of the Alhambra and Watcher.

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For those who watched Itaewon Class, you might’ve spotted Park Bo-Gum making a little cameo in episode 16 as a new cook in Soo-Ah’s restaurant. Besides that brief moment, the dashing actor’s last big K-drama was Encounter in late 2018, where he starred opposite Hallyu star, Song Hye-Kyo. So we are certainly very excited to see him back on the small screen.


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