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A Definitive Tarot Reading In The Time of Coronavirus Pandemic

A Definitive Tarot Reading In The Time of Coronavirus Pandemic


With much of the world plagued by the coronavirus pandemic, I supposed you can say we are living through extraordinary times. For the bulk of us and the generations before, we have lived our lives in keeping ourselves busy. In light of the present circumstance, much of our daily interactive activities have come to a screeching halt. Life, it seems, has slowed down and confined to our own homes. This idea of stopping everything in the current era has never been even more frightening.  

In trying and challenging time like this, you may feel like you could make do with more advice, beyond practising social distancing and personal hygiene.  Here, we are turning to the good ol’ tarot cards for help. Whether it be a question about work or a query on your love life, look at the picture and pick one card that calls out to you.

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Card One: Queen of Cups


General: Being confined at home should not stop you from shining your best characteristics from within. You are, after all, empowered and you should use this good energy to help those in need. So whether it be lending a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, you are the right person for the job. More importantly, take this opportunity to connect with your mother too!  

Work: In stressful times, it’s always good to relax for a bit. But don’t let this become a habit. You’d soon realise that a female figure in your employment will be there for you if you ever have any queries. My advice is to find her, ask her for help and treat her with respect. For job seekers, take this lull period to cool down, draft out a game plan and follow your dreams.

Finance: Do not make any random or complicated financial deals at this moment. Instead, make sure you are well-invested emotionally as you are financially.

Love: For those who are singles, it’s a good time to get out there (on Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel or whichever) and “mingle”. While it is not safe and socially responsible to go on dates and whatnot, you’d realise that there is ample time for you to get to know someone online before you meet them eventually. For those who are engaged, the card is a reminder to be open and more compassionate to your partner!


Card Two: Four of Pentacles


General: Hold things tight and hold things close. Anxiety breeds even more anxiety, and this is unhealthy. Look out for leechers and be prepared to kick them out of your lives.

Work: There may be some pent-up frustrations with work right now. Seek the bare minimum satisfaction from what you are doing now. Remember, we are living through a pandemic, and it is okay to not feel complete or as competent as you were before. More importantly, make breathing space for yourself and find means to improve or hone your skillsets.

Finance: This card is a reminder that you should be accountable for your own spending. Do not splurge on non-essential items. Scrimping may not be your cup of tea but hey, you got to do what you should do to survive!

Love: Being possessive in a relationship has its detriments. Learning to let go sometimes can make a whole of difference in establishing bliss and harmony between two individuals. It is easy to wrong someone here. For that, you could learn to let go or forgive. For those who are single, the card may appear to warn that you may be talking to or exposed to someone who isn’t as open as he or she is.  


Card Three: Six of Swords (Reverse)


General: Recently, you may feel like you are jumping into the fire from out of the pan, or that you are getting nowhere with whatever you have been doing! It’s easy to feel frustrated and trapped in such instances, but all these are avoidable with the right communication tactics.

Work: We know you are not in office and simple hiccups are coming from some adjustment issues. Whether it be that your fax is down or that you emailed the wrong document, you let your colleagues in that you are struggling and could use some help. For job seekers, you may feel like it’s you against the whole world, but you are not alone. Many are struggling too, and it is okay to work in temporary places to tide you through tough times!

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Finance: You are stressed that you may not have enough to cope with whatever that is coming your way. Take this opportunity to seek professional advice from a financial consultant or advisor. Do not make risky investments.

Love: If you are engaged, this card indicates that you are ready to bring the relationship to the next level. To do this, you need to address some minor issues in your relationship. The advice here is clear, concise, and tactful communication. For those who are looking to get married later this year, planning an overseas marriage ceremony may bring some unexpected joy. For the singletons, you are not ready to dive into the river of love, take the time to heal from your past relationships.  


Card Four: Seven of Wands


General: You have never felt better for a long time, and you are glowing. Not only are you motivated to come up on top against several trials and tribulations, you are also in a good position to lead too. But do not dismiss those little naggy doubts at the back of your head, those are your survivor instincts calling out, heed them.  

Work: For the unemployed, this is a good time to explore a new career. That said, you have got to do your own homework and be prepared to make some sacrifices in the beginning. For those who are employed, you might also be inclined to start a new venture, the card is telling you to go for it but have good time management. More importantly, an overarching message is that you have to fight for your worth in any organisation or to for any of your clients.  

Finance: Always adopt a mentality that considers how investments can change for the long run. So, save up for a raining day, read up, seek help and be more educated about investing. Do not blindly follow your friend who is supposedly making it big.  

Love: Do not play the blame game with your partner here. If you are right, you have got to prove yourself with receipts tactfully. And if you are wrong, you have got to apologise and make up with something concrete. However, you should be wary that other parties may be interfering with your relationship, so put your guard up if you need to. For singletons, trying to chase someone of your dream will require you putting in a lot of hard work and fighting for his or her attention. This can be troubling and taxing at first glance, but some of the joy of any relationship comes from the courting or the chase.