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Kate Middleton And Prince William Discuss ‘Ups And Downs’ Of Lockdown Life With Their Three Children

Kate Middleton And Prince William Discuss ‘Ups And Downs’ Of Lockdown Life With Their Three Children


Kate Middleton and Prince William have delivered a wide-ranging interview discussing their experiences of lockdown, their fears for Prince Charles when he had Covid-19 and the importance of maintaining positive mental health during quarantine. The rare interview with the BBC was conducted via video conference, during which they spoke with journalist Tina Daheley.

Kate, who wore a breton striped top for the interview, said the past three weeks of lockdown measures have consisted of ‘ups and downs, like a lot of families self-isolating’ before expanding on how her children George, Charlotte and Louis have been coping too.

‘George is a lot older than Louis is, but they are aware. I think I’m always surprised,’ the mother-of-three elaborated. ‘Although you don’t want to scare them and make it too overwhelming, I think it is appropriate to acknowledge it in simple and age-appropriate ways.’

Prince William told Daheley somewhat sarcastically that homeschooling was ‘fun’ as the couple laughed together and Kate explained: ‘Don’t tell the children but we’ve actually kept it going through the holidays. I feel very mean.

‘The children have got such stamina. I don’t know how, honestly.’

The many activities the royal children have been doing, Kate explained include pitching and taking down tents, cooking and baking.

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‘You get to the end of the day, they’ve had a lovely time but it is amazing how much you can cram into one day that’s for sure.’

The Duke of Cambridge added that the family of five have been speaking to ‘all the family’ online too amid the social distancing regulations, which can get quite chaotic with younger children.

‘As you can imaging the younger generation are a little more tech-savvy,’ William joked. ‘the family are getting a little bit more used to being able to contact each other and press the right buttons and not dropping the computer half way through.

‘It’s so true,’ Kate agreed. ‘And I think your father and my parents and our families have really loved keeping in touch with the children because they know it’s really hard… I’m not going to lie, it gets a bit hectic with the two-year-old,’ to which William explained that Louis is always tempted to press the red button.


Prince William also spoke about his father Prince Charles contracting Covid-19. The 71-year-old tested positive for the virus last month after experiencing ‘minor symptoms’ so self-isolated in Balmoral. The Prince of Wales has since said he is feeling better and has even delivered video messages to the public.

‘I have to admit at first I was quite concerned,’ the Duke told Daheley. ‘He fits the profile of somebody – at the age he’s at – which is fairly risky.

‘But my father has had many chest infections, colds, things like that over the years. So I thought to myself if anybody is going to be able to beat this it’s going to be him. Actually, he was very lucky, he had mild symptoms.

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The 37-year-old said the hardest thing for his father was ‘having to stop’ and not be able to even go for a walk due to the self-isolation requirements if you have – or suspect you have – the disease.

‘He’s a mad walker,’ the father-of-three continued. ‘He loves just walking so I think he found it quite difficult. Especially, also I think with his mental health, being stuck inside and not being able to go for walks.’

William also spoke about his concern for his grandparents, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

‘Obviously, I think very carefully about my grandparents who are at the age they’re at and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that they’re isolated away and protected from this.’


The interview comes as the couple chaired a roundtable of mental health experts to discuss how those who need mental health support can be supported during the pandemic. They have also voiced a new film signposting to where people can find help and support from Public Health England’s ‘Every Mind Matter’s platform.

Discussing the mental health of NHS workers in the BBC interview, Prince William cautioned that although it is valid to label frontline workers as ‘heroes’ we have to be careful not to alienate other NHS staff ‘who do genuinely worry and are scared to go into work every single day’.


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