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Your First Look At Netflix’s Upcoming Korean Drama Thriller, Extracurricular

Your First Look At Netflix’s Upcoming Korean Drama Thriller, Extracurricular


With the world practising social-distancing in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now left with A LOT of time, left to our own devices which can be pretty boring. Enter Netflix to rescue us from banality of being under self-quarantine. The popular streaming service is not slowing down on their scheduled releases, as of writing this article. Hence, we can expect more great shows and content to watch in 2020. One such show that is set to premiere at the end of April is a brand new South Korean drama and thriller titled Extracurricular.

This Netflix original series that follows a group of high school students who choose a life of crime and face the dangerous consequences that result from their choices. The show stars a cast of fresh, young actors including Kim Dong-Hee, who you might recognise from other K-dramas like SKY Castle and Itaewon Class. Kim plays Jisoo, an upstanding student who gets sucked into a life of crime. 19-year-old actress, Jung Da-Bin is also part of the main cast, playing the school’s resident “Mean Girl”, Min-Hee. Jung is a well-known child actor in South Korea, appearing in 2017’s My Sassy Girl and 2018’s melodrama, Should We Kiss First?.

Extracurricular will be the debut of fresh-faced actress, Park Ju-Hyun who plays Jisoo’s accomplice named Gyuri. Helming the cast of new faces is veteran director, Kim Jin-Min. Kim is well-known for his edge-of-seat thrillers and intense dramas such as Lawless LawyerThe Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Marriage Contract.

Watch the full trailer below for a taste of this edge-of-seat drama:


The show is an offbeat and intense drama by veteran director Kim Jin-Min (Lawless LawyerThe Time Between Dog and Wolf, and Marriage Contract) and new aspiring writer Jin Han-sae.

Extracurricular has a fresh young cast of talented actors. Kim Dong-hee, who has been incredibly charming in the web series A-Teen, as well as such dramas as SKY Castle and Itaewon Class, takes on a strikingly different role of Jisoo, a model student who wanders into a life of crime. Jung Da-bin, who is well-known as a child actor in Korea, plays the ‘mean girl’ Minhee, while Park Ju-hyun, discovered by the creators of Extracurricular, plays Jisoo’s accomplice Gyuri. Nam Yoon-su, who is known for his roles in various web dramas, shows off his talent as Kitae, Minhee’s boyfriend and a school bully.

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These exciting actors are brought together to create a powerful and gripping story of youth at risk. The character posters show a striking image of the four students in black and white being ripped by savage claw marks. The tagline ‘Some Mistakes Cannot Be Erased’ elicits curiosity about the life-changing decisions they make and what consequences they face. So mark your calendars!


The Netflix original series Extracurricular premieres worldwide on April 29th.



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