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Influencer-Turned-Entrepreneur, Jane Chuck On The Business of Beauty

Influencer-Turned-Entrepreneur, Jane Chuck On The Business of Beauty


When #girlboss Jane Chuck logged on to our Instagram live last week, her followers did, too. ELLE Singapore saw close to 160 viewers that stayed on throughout the 30-minute long chat on all things beauty — and we only have one sentiment to share: the allure of Jane is real. Now, the influencer-turned-entrepreneur of beauty brand Chuck’s already a list of questions about her beauty business and routine prepared beforehand, but within minutes of her starting the Live, the comments section was already popping off with curious viewers inquiring about tips to achieving her radiant skin (spoiler alert: Chucks’ sheet masks), skincare regime, and being a boss in beauty. Those who were there, you know it.

If you’ve missed that session though — no worries, we got your back. Below, a friendly conversation with Jane on all you need to know about her brand, and her secret to great skin.


What was the inspiration behind starting Chuck’s?


Jane Chuck (JC): I’ve been a huge fan of sheet masks since day one, and have always been buying them in bulk from Korea. I’ll share the brands that I love on my social media platforms, and I realised that responses to sheet masks are always great — and my followers have also started to buy sheet masks in bulk, like me. So I thought, why not start my own brand, with my own sheet masks? I’ve always been interested in beauty products and their formulas, their ingredients. My belief is that skin comes first, before makeup, so it’s my goal to get great skin and share my tips with the Chuck’s family.


Will Chuck’s have more products coming in the future?


JC: Of course I’d love to launch cleansers and moisturisers, but as of now, not yet. Doing business in beauty is really new to me, so I want to take things slow, and learn more by digging in deeper with my sheet masks first.


How does the brand stand out in such a saturated industry?

JC: Chuck’s is really personal. In the future, I’d like to move Chuck’s towards being a lifestyle brand instead. My brand is heavily inspired by my followers. When I started the brand, I didn’t want it to be a brand that just sells products — I want my products to say something, to send a message. That’s because when I was still blogging, I would receive emails and comments from followers on their personal relationships, how they’re feeling; and I want to reach out to them with my products. I’m a very positive person, so these sheet masks are my way to spread positivity. One of the very first taglines on our sheet masks is ‘Self Love’; it’s like a little reminder to whoever’s using it to practice just that. There’s also ‘Chuck It’ and ‘Glow On’. 


What’s something that you’ve learnt from starting out a business from scratch?

JC: Always listen to your customers’ feedback, and learn from them. They’re the ones who’ll let you know what people actually want in a product. That’s my biggest takeaway coming into this. I want Chuck’s to be like a friend that you can speak your mind with. 

How did you decide on the formula of the mask essence, and the texture of the mask?

JC: My partner in Korea oversees formulation and production. I wanted my first creation to have honey in it, inspired by a honey-based cream that I tried. Honey basically heals your skin! It’s amazing. So, I wanted a honey-infused mask, but it has to be different from the ones in the market. For Self Love, the formula has at least 80 per cent of royal jelly extract — the highest amount compared to other ingredients. (Most brands have water as their base ingredient, by the way). This mask is really hydrating and nourishing on the skin; it’s perfect for people with dry skin, or for use in colder climates. The sheet itself is made of cupra (derived from cotton), so it’s really thin and fits well on the face. I don’t like sheet masks that are ill-fitting; they tend to slide all over the face, so I made mine to be really snug.

Glow On is a brightening mask, it has 78 per cent peony water; Chuck It is a purifying mask that’s great for oily skin and it has kale extract and peppermint oil in it.

What’s a secret skincare tip (that you’re willing to share)?

JC: It’s… to be positive. It doesn’t cost you anything at all. Keeping your mind positive somehow makes you look extra beautiful. *laughs* Here’s a more practical one: the morning after you use your sheet mask, cleanse your face with just water so that you don’t strip away the nourishment that your skin’s gotten through the night. Cleanse with water, then follow up with toner and moisturiser. I mask every day too — sometimes twice a day — I don’t cheat. 


If you’re stranded on an island and got to look cute still, which three items will you bring with you and why?

JC: Why do I want to look cute on an island?! *laughs* Okay, here goes: sunscreen, because there’s likely going to be scorching sun, my favourite Self Love mask for hydration, and a phone with beauty filter apps on it. There, you’ll always look cute on that island now. 



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