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Easy Hairstyles For Every #WFH Occasion That Aren’t Ponytails

Easy Hairstyles For Every #WFH Occasion That Aren’t Ponytails


My colleagues are always wowed when I tell them I sleep with braids on, just so that I wake up to soft, beach-y waves — my everyday hairstyle choice simply because it’s the easiest way to change up the look of my straight hair. Of course, the curls don’t last very long; not in Singapore’s humidity, and definitely not with the right curling tools and techniques.

These days, laziness has got the better of me. I’ll roll out of bed, into a quick shower, and my hair stays in this half-pony-half-bun situation for the rest of the day. Just to keep it out of my face. It is as effective as it is unglamourous, I must admit, judging from how I’d have hair sticking out from every direction in Zoom meetings; how it falls apart so quickly 10 minutes into yoga; how the unkempt, messy appeal might have chased away the parcel delivery boy this morning. 

That was until Cara Wong, educator at Dyson Singapore pinged me and appeared, on my laptop screen, with perfect, bouncy curls. She didn’t just look good, she looked glam. And, she was here to get my lazy self off the bed and tutor me on how to create easy hairstyles with the Dyson Airwrap — which I haven’t got round to learning how to use. 

“It’s really easy,” she said, while guiding me on getting started with the innovative machine. “See, a perfect wave,” she adds, as she unravels her hair from the Airwrap, revealing a beautiful S curl. I must admit, I was tempted to try it out for myself. 

Now, maneuvering the Airwrap is a learning curve in itself – and Dyson challenged me to four different hairstyles for different “home occasions”. What I did first was that I got used to doing basic curls with the curling barrels on nearly dry hair, as the foundation skill for most of these hairstyles. Then, the extras — read on to see how well I fared. 


For virtual meetings with the team…

A Modern Chignon 

Hairstyle, Beauty
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

How-to: Create a middle parting by sectioning your hair in half, and then curl each half with the 30mm outward facing barrels. Tie the curled hair in to a low ponytail, and split it in two equal sections. Gently pull the right section towards the left, above the elastic band, and secure with pins.

Do the same for the left section, but this time, pull it blow the elastic band, and secure with pins. For a more laid-back look, loosen hair above the “bun”, and add some fringe detail to the sides of your face. 

Review: Super easy, no fancy skills required. Your curls don’t even have to be perfect since everything’s going into a chignon. Granted that no one’s going to see your creation when it’s at the nape of your neck, the look does give off this very French-girl chic vibe compared to a usual bun — it made me want to put on a pair of gold hoops and red lipstick to power through the day. 


For virtual date nights…

Dreamy Princess Waves

Hairstyle, Beauty
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

How-to: Create a middle parting by sectioning your hair in half. In small sections, curl hair with the 40mm inward facing barrels. Once hair is fully curled, attach the smoothing brush to the Airwrap and comb through to curls, to further loosen then. Set curls with a hair setting spray.

Review: I foresee this look being the easiest of all, unless you have waist-long hair (which will take up more time, in that case). I love how curling small sections with big curling barrels add extra volume to fine hair. My S/O and I have virtual home dinner dates weekly and since I only have to dress up from the waist up… might as well do the most on top. *winks* 

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For virtual girls’-nights-in gatherings…

Sexy Windswept Hair 

Hairstyle, Beauty
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

How-to: Create a slight side part, and section hair into two parts. Curl hair using the 30mm inward and outward curling barrels, alternating between both to create dimension. Once done, run fingers through hair to loosen curls, and mess hair up a little. 

Review: This look takes the most time because of the need to alternate barrels, but the end result looks stunning. The side part adds a sultry effect to the overall hairstyle; I was full-on ready to put on a bronze smoky eye, a nude lip, my favourite candle, and homemade G&T to catch up with the girls. 


For virtual workout sessions with friends…

The Bulletproof Bun

Hairstyle, Beauty
Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

How-to: Using the smoothing brush, brush hair towards the back on low heat till hair is fully dry. This will mimic a salon-like blowout. Tie your hair into a high ponytail, and split it into two sections. Wrap each section around each other, creating a rope-like effect. Once done, wrap the now single twirled pony into a bun, securing with elastic bands and pins. 

Review: The last thing I want during a heated workout session is for my hair to come undone. Nobody’s got time for that! The rope method ensures a tight and secure bun, and your hair won’t be poking out anyhow. I’ve worn this hairstyle for yoga sessions and night runs and it has never failed me. 



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