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Unveiling Our May 2020 Cover Star: The One and Only, Song Hye-Kyo

Unveiling Our May 2020 Cover Star: The One and Only, Song Hye-Kyo


#WFH sounded great, at first, but that’s because we all want what we can’t have, right? A good friend of mine once said, pre-pandemic, that there was nothing that couldn’t be done over e-mail — and having experienced it first hand, I can’t disagree with that. But I can’t imagine how it feels for someone who is not a homebody, or who doesn’t have the best living arrangement, to be all cooped up at home with almost zero physical contact with the outside world. It can get quite suffocating, and even hurt mentally and physically. Just know that it’s normal to feel this way, and it’s okay to seek professional help. You’re not alone.

For me, my circuit-breaker journey has been great, so far. I am lucky to have the company I need — my own sustainable ecosystem of a husband, one dog and four cats that keeps me sane and entertained. It also helps that I clearly divide my time and space when it comes to work. I start the day with con-calls, and that responsibility to be present for what you’ve committed to really forces you to get your engine moving. When coffee fails to perk me up, I take a midday shower. You’d be surprised that it really helps to uplift your mood because sometimes, the one thing that is holding you back from working efficiently is that layer of humidity on your skin. When it’s time to “leave” the office, I know it can be very challenging when there’s nowhere to go. I find that keeping all my work stuff away helps to clear both my physical and headspace of work — I do that by shoving my laptop and documents away in a tote bag.

Three times a week, I slip into my gym clothes for work. Not only are they comfortable, they also stop me when I start questioning if I should be working out that day — and there’s one less reason to bail because I’m already in the right outfit. I also keep the idea of workout buddies alive through video calls and our mutual participation in the same six-week workout plan at the Nike Training Club app — it really motivates me to get my ass moving, especially during this time.


My personal account on circuit-breaker life aside, how coincidental is it that we’ve planned this May issue around the idea of redesigning your life? It was meant to be a self-improvement check as the first quarter of the year ends — and there’s no better way than to learn from our cover star, Song Hye-Kyo, the Hallyu queen who stepped out of her comfort zone, picked up a new language, and signed herself up with the renowned Hong Kong film director Wong Kar Wai’s studio. But here we are, on a more realistic level where most dreams are put on hold and changing the way we live is not an option anymore,but a form of necessity.

The ELLE Singapore team wants to inspire women to make lemonade out of lemons. We spoke to three girls about what mindfulness is to them, and how we can find our own source of contentment. For the bigger picture, we talked to three experts about the impact of this pandemic on society, spending and career during this period, and what we can take away from it. On the fashion front, while many of us are enjoying the fashion break we never knew we needed, we checked in with some insiders on how the industry will emerge from this widespread disruption.

We don’t know how long this episode will last, or the ending that’s destined for us. But one thing we do know is that we all have to play our part in concluding this episode as responsible and considerate individuals.

In these tumultuous times, the ELLE Singapore team would like to bring you some sense of companionship and escape by releasing our full May 2020 issue via our E-Magazine. For our readers who’d like to get a physical copy, join our mailing list for the latest updates on when the print issue will be out.

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Enjoy this month’s read, and stay safe!

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“I think I have been very fortunate. Being able to be in such amazing productions since I was young, and those productions performing well, along with receiving love from so many people, is why I am where I am today — and I’m very thankful for that.” Song Hye Kyo on what she says is her secret to a long and successful career. Here she is on the second cover of Elle’s May issue.” Head to elle.com.sg on 29 April for your very own e-mag. Due to the current situation, the production of the print magazine has been delayed. You can drop your email in the mailing list to stay updated on when you can get your hands on a printed copy. – Beauty Tip: Stay cute like Song Hye Kyo herself with a K-beauty routine that keeps her looking radiant and rosy – courtesy of @sulwhasoo. – On this Cover @kyo1122 in @bottegaveneta and @chaumetofficial Photography @hongjanghyun Fashion @with.hyunkyoung Hair @halolee Makeup @ansunghee7 Set design @daraksy Coordination @parkheeyoung__ Production @blcreativehouse @babylee82 – #ELLESINGAPORE #songhyekyo #kyo1122 #bottegaveneta #chaumet #sulwhasoo #sulwhasoosg

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