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6 Girls, 6 Afternoon Perk-Me-Ups For A Caffeine Kick Or Boozy Fix

6 Girls, 6 Afternoon Perk-Me-Ups For A Caffeine Kick Or Boozy Fix


We’ve seen so many self-proclaimed chefs and bakers on Instagram in the past week that cake flour has dethrone toilet paper in our shopping list. Now it’s time to add another experience to your CB’s CV. As the closure of beverage stalls leaving our enthusiasm level at 0%, it’s time to substitute that craving with something home-made, quick and easy, and taste just like the real deal. Here are six afternoon perk-me-ups, including my very own, very legit iced latte. All drinks serves one, so adjust accordingly if you are making for the whole family.


Melody Tan, @meowiie 


Not an Espresso Martini

Photo: Melody Tan

“Need an espresso martini but don’t have kahlua lying around? I make espresso with my Nespresso machine and have a drink ready in less than a minute. The honey makes the drink very well rounded and it’s so nice to have a little perk me up in the middle of hot humid days in Singapore whilst working from home!”



1/3 cup coffee (I used two shots of espresso)  

2 teaspoons of honey 

2 oz of vodka 

Ice cubes 



Add all ingredients into a shaker and shake before straining and serving.


Celine Tan, @mscelinetan 


Oolong Plum Spritz

Photo: Celine Tan

“With the circuit breaker extension and the heat spell we’re experiencing at the moment, we could all do with a little sundowner or two. I usually like anything tea based, so this recipe has all my favourite things in one. Milk Oolong is a blue tea, which is suitable for an early evening drink. Its subtle milky flavour gives this cocktail a creamy finish. Japanese Ume provides a slight sweetness and Roku Gin contributes soft botanical notes. I feel this is a perfect combination. You don’t need any special bartending equipment for this, so everyone can have this refresher at home whilst watching the sunset.”



1 Milk Oolong teabag (I used TWG Tea’s) 

45ml pure ume juice

45ml Roku Gin (add 25ml more for an extra hit)

80ml Fevertree Indian Tonic Light 

Ume and thyme for garnish (you can also use edible flowers or any micro greens)

Ice (I usually use a silicone ball mould but not everyone has one at home, so I used 4 cubes with this drink. Crushed ice also works)



1) Place teabag in a cup or mug. Pour 45ml of boiling water into it. Steep for about 4 mins. When done, remove teabag set the cup into a bowl of ice water to cool it down (when removing the teabag, I usually pop it into another cup of water to steep so I don’t waste good tea).

2) In a separate cup, combine gin, ume and tea. Stir gently.

3) Pour into glass with ice, top with tonic, garnish and serve.


Tan Su-Lyn, @sulyntan


Iced Irish Coffee 

Photo: Sulyn Tan

“A late afternoon WFH + HBL circuit breaker perk-me-up. This iced take on the cocktail classic combines all I need — caffeine to boost my concentration and whisky to take the edge off the day’s build-up of tension. When I’m feeling particularly nice, I split this one serving between two glasses for happy hour at home with the husband.

We start all our mornings with a pot of filter (pour over) coffee and store any leftovers in the fridge. This means that we always have chilled coffee on hand. I like using Bacha Coffee’s Montecristo Coffee here. It’s creamy, with notes of chocolate and butterscotch that pair well with the rich caramel, maple and vanilla flavours of the distiller’s edition Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye currently on our bar cart. 

But if you have neither, use whatever you have on hand. When using instant coffee, omit the ground coffee step. Instead, tweak the coffee flavour intensity by adjusting the instant coffee-to-water ratio of your cold coffee.”



1 tsp ground coffee

4 tbs (60ml) whisky or bourbon

2 tsp sugar syrup* or to taste 

6 tbs (90ml) cold coffee

3 tbs (45ml) liquid cream (e.g. whipping cream) or your preferred substitute (e.g. whole, almond or oat milk)

*Sugar syrup (or simple syrup) is just one part sugar dissolved in one part water. 



1) Add ground coffee to whisky or bourbon. Steep for 15min.

2) Pour through a fine sieve or coffee filter into the shaker filled with ice. 

3) Add sugar syrup and cold coffee. 

4) Shake for a slow count to ten and strain into a tall glass.

5) Top with cream or substitute. Stir and enjoy.  


Vickii Ma, @vickiima 


Matcha Espresso Oatmilk Latte

Photo: Vickii Ma

“I love this drink because it’s perfect for indecisive moments and I get to combine two of my favourite beverage ingredients together for a caffeine kick. I also love watching the pretty layers form too!” 



2 tsp matcha powder

1/4 cup water 

1 tsp honey

1/4 cup oat milk 

1 shot of espresso – I used Nespresso’s Inspirazione Ristretto Italiano 

Ice cubes 



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1. Blend matcha powder, water and honey together with a matcha whisk until there are no clumps. Pro-tip: use a cocktail shaker.

2. Add ice to a glass, pour in milk, followed by matcha mixture and lastly the espresso shot. 


Caroline Suganda, @carolsuganda


At-home Starbucks Iced Latte 

Photo: Caroline Suganda

“The amount of work, time and money put into delivering a cup of freshly-brewed coffee to my house just don’t make sense. I’ve been experimenting to satisfy my caffeine cravings and found the best recipe that is closest to Starbucks’ Iced Latte. This recipe works best with full fat fresh milk for a creamier result, but you can always substitute with your choice of dairy-free milk as well. I like my iced latte milky but not sweet, so feel free to add your own sugar syrup or honey to this.”



2 espresso shots of Starbucks House Blend for Nespresso 

200 ml of cold milk 

8 Ice cubes 



1) Froth milk with Nespresso’s Aeroccino3 using the cold setting. Alternatively pour cold milk into a jar with lid. Close the lid and shake vigorously until milk has frothed and is almost double the original portion. 

2) Pour milk into a cup of ice, including the foam. 

3) Using the Nespresso machine, extract a double shot espresso from the 2 capsules 

4) Slowly pour coffee into milk. Stir gently.  



Plus! A cocktail recipe from Live Twice’s principal bartender 


Yinying Leow, @woofyinying 



Photo: Courtesy of Live Twice

You can order it here or make your own. 

“Made with only three spirits, and garnished simply with just a slice of lemon peel, the Vesper is a great drink to make at home during this Community Circuit Breaker. Clean, smooth and refreshing, it is the perfect drink to unwind at the end of a long WFH day… or week”



40 ml Ketel One vodka (or any grain-based vodka like Belvedere, Absolut Elyx or Grey Goose)

20 ml Ki No Bi Sei Navy strength gin (or any London Dry gin like Gordon’s or Bombay Sapphire)

7.5 ml Kina L’aero d’Or



1) Shake hard and pour. 

2) Squeeze lemon peel over the drink for some lemony scent and use as garnish.



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