How To Get Song Hye Kyo’s Sunkissed Makeup Look, According To Makeup Artists


In case you missed out on our cover story on Song Hye-Kyo — aka our May cover star — pause, click on the ‘Magazine’ tab on the site’s toggle bar, and have a read. You’re back? Great — and you must be here for beauty tips on how to recreate Song’s perfectly sun-kissed look that’s, might we add, borderline hypnotizing. The team at ELLE Singapore went through a round of gushing (virtual squeals and all) on just how beautifully simple her makeup looked, with one standout feature: that shy, sultry, over-the-nose blush. It was a winning look — so victorious that close to five million netizens (at press time) on Chinese social media platform Weibo have been searching for ways to achieve the same “burnt” makeup beat. 

By popular demand, we’ve taken the liberty to consult three esteemed Singaporean makeup artists on their take to creating the perfect “burnt” look, à la Song Hye-Kyo. The rule of thumb is to look snatched, not scorched — but we’ll leave you at that. Below, more beauty tips and tried-and-tested product recommendations from makeup artists Larry Yeo, Melissa Yeo, and Sha Shamsi. 

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Tip #1: Keep things soft and matte


“I like to call this a been-desert-exploring look, but without the grime and grease. First and foremost, skip out on the shine. That means, apart from the natural sheen that comes with your skincare, resist the urge to use a glitter highlighter or a shimmery blush. Then, make sure all redness is colour-corrected (with green) and concealed away, especially the undereye area, nasal fold, and the area between your lip and chin. For the brows and eyes — gently fill your brows in so your arches look as natural as possible, and have minimal eye makeup; extremely thin liner, mascara, and wash of matte neutral coloured eyeshadow, like a taupe shade. 

Now, time for the blush. Don’t go for anything that’s too red, or risk looking like you’re actually sunburnt. Start by applying it on the apples of the cheeks and blend it outwards softly. Blend it onto your nose bridge — not the nose tip — for a ruddy, soft exposure to sun kind of look. Keep blending the blush near to the eyes, but never passing above the undereye area. Finish off with a soft matte MLBB lipstick, and you’re done!” — Larry Yeo


Larry’s Recommendations


Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to use your fingers


“The most important point to achieving Song Hye Kyo’s cover look is to keep the features on your face clean. That means, nothing excessive that’ll instantly draw your attention away. You’d want to start off with matte powdered skin as your base, followed by creating a ‘flushed cheeks’ effect by tapping your blusher on the apples of your cheeks and across the nose bridge. A matte, airy blusher that’s easy to spread with fingers is my favourite.

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To create depth in the eye area (as well as achieve a monotone effect), lightly sweep the blusher onto your eye area for a hint of colour. Apply a wispy, lengthening mascara on top and bottom lashes. As for the lips, go ahead and dab on a matte beige or peach on your pout for a diffused, natural effect.” — Melissa Yeo


Melissa’s Recommendations


Tip #3: Go on the extra mile with the blusher


“That doesn’t mean going heavy on the pigment so much that you look burnt or sick. If you’re feeling adventurous, try layering on two different blusher colours, but keeping the same soft, diffused appeal. We’re trying to go for an elevated rosy look, so try colours like peach, pink, coral.

Using a blusher brush, apply the first shade with a dabbing motion on the cheeks, then followed by the next colour, with the same technique. This creates an equally soft, but rosier version of the look that’s more wearable in Singapore’s weather — you’ll look like you just had a chill yoga session. For a simpler way to achieve this duo-coloured blusher look without having to own multiple products, go for a multi-shade compact that has different blusher tones in it.” — Sha Shamsi


Sha’s Recommendations




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