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K-pop Idol, EXO’s Chen And His Wife Welcomes Their First Child

K-pop Idol, EXO’s Chen And His Wife Welcomes Their First Child


If you were on Twitter yesterday, you might’ve seen the hashtag, #WelcomeEXOPrincess trending for quite some time. Reason being, Chen, who is member of popular K-pop boy group EXO, and his wife have given birth to their first child. The idol’s talent agency, SM Entertainment confirmed the news and revealed that the couple have given birth to a baby girl!

The 27-year-old idol initially faced significant backlash when he announced, earlier this year, that he was getting married and expecting a child with his wife-to-be. For anyone who is new to the world of K-pop, this might sound a little strange and you’re probably wondering, “Why the backlash?”. In South Korea, the pop scene and idols in particular are not just artists but marketed as the perfect “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”. Often times, these groups are metaphorically “dating” their fandoms and share a strong relationship with them. Hence, there are fans that feel betrayed or hurt when their favourite idol are revealed to dating for real or in Chen’s case, getting married.

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Some fans even protested outside the SM Entertainment building and petitions were signed for the removal of Chen from the group. He even wrote fans a letter of apology. Fortunately, there was also a lot of support for Chen, particularly from EXO’s massive international fan base. Therefore, when news broke that idol’s wife gave birth to a baby girl this day at a hospital in Gangnam, EXO-Ls flooded the social media with words of congratulations and encouragement.


And, of course, we are doing the same. Congratulations, Chen and his wife on their healthy baby girl!




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